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Galaxy Fold 2 comes in April with two major changes

Samsung and industry experts report that the Galaxy Fold is still sold out wherever it comes out. Hard to believe, with the prohibitive price of $ 2,000 and limited availability make it a very rare product. Despite the accuracy of these reports, Samsung still seems to believe in the vision of foldable phones, with the exception that this vision may change before the next Galaxy Fold debut next year.

Samsung may take some time before presenting the yet to be named Galaxy Fold 2. The first Galaxy Fold was announced in February. However, due to a number of problems, the phone has only been fully launched for the last time month. Hopefully, the wait for the Galaxy Fold 2 will be shorter.

That is, Samsung is changing more than just the timing. According to the industry, ultra-thin glass (UTG) is currently being used as a protective layer to replace the transparent polyimide film (PI) currently used on the Galaxy Fold. Theoretically, this would be a better protection against scratches, which the plastic-like protection can not offer.

The changes do not stop there. The same sources say that the next Galaxy Fold will not match the current Galaxy Fold. It will flip down vertically like a shell instead of a book. This goes hand in hand with the reduced screen size of 6.7 inches, which is larger / longer than it is wide.

This reported change is due to the fact that Samsung attaches more importance to portability than to a big screen. However, some claim that Samsung is still undecided and could instead launch a larger Galaxy Fold 2 with an 8.1

-inch screen.

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