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Galaxy Fold delays a setback for Samsung, but it could have been a lot worse


The screen of the CNET tester Galaxy Fold has not disturbed. That does not mean that there are no problems.

Angela Lang / CNET

Samsung should now enter a winning round for its innovative Galaxy Fold. Reviewers should sing the praise of the first big foldable smartphone to be launched on Friday. The only controversy should be whether these $ 1,980 really pay off.

But we do not live in this reality. Instead, Samsung delayed the launch of the Fold on Monday after it was reported that some of the few devices seeded by the investigators resulted in malfunction or malfunction. The CNET test device, run by publisher Jessica Dolcourt, did not have the same problems.


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The delay is not a mere eye for Samsung, but consumer confidence in folding cell phones in general. These flexible and flexible devices are intended to revolutionize smartphones. However, they can barely stand out when people worry about their durability. And given the high prices for these devices (just look at the $ 2,600 Huawei Mate X), you can assume that this phone actually works.

But here's the thing: All this mishap could have been so much worse.

Samsung should thank all reviewers who have played Fold with an early unit. Imagine whether the units are accessible to the general public. The outcry would be far greater, as would the criticism that Samsung toppled a half-baked product just to "come first".

The jerking response would be to compare this incident with the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, where Samsung Slowly responded to the first reports of the devices that were on fire just to literally blow it up in his face. That Samsung is notorious when an embarrassing step of delaying the launch shows it has learned its lesson.

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