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Galaxy fold test: The foldable mobile phone from Samsung lives and dies on the screen

From the moment I realized it, I knew that the $ 1,980 Galaxy Fold, the world's first large foldable phone, would be something special. The feeling that the screen was open and closed was such a gut reaction that felt natural and right. And after you've done everything from watching videos, to reading the news, to writing emails on this huge 7.3-inch screen, you'll never want to go back to "just" a 6-inch display , The promise – and the danger – of a foldable phone is real. And it's all on the screen, in the middle of the fold or no.

We knew that there would be pain, but nobody expected the screens to fail so fast on some reviewers' phones or for Samsung ] The Fold's sale day of April 26 was postponed for weeks ̵

1; until June 13 for AT & T's Pre-Order Buyer – while investigating what went wrong. That was crap because the incidents deterring the fold and the concept of folding phones in general. I was very excited to be one of the first in the world to try the fold, but the screen melt let the air out of the balloon.

Because the Galaxy Fold is so important as the first real phone of its kind, and because of the alarming screen developments, I've taken the time to make this review as thorough as possible to avoid any knee-jerk response. We deserve everything better. I've been using the wrinkle every day for more than a week in every way a person can use a phone, even (gasp!) To make calls. I did two battery power tests overnight, looking at the screen from all angles and typing until my hands hurt.

Although the early production review device that Samsung has ever given me has never flared so much, CNET will refuse to give the device an official rating until we have tested a final production of Galaxy Fold. The fact that The Fold suffered five screen fuses before it even reached the hands of the customers, occupies me deeply.

If Samsung missed the right quality control before releasing this device, memories of the Galaxy Note 7 battery will be awakened. If the testers did not recognize the screen issues on the fold, many unfortunate customers would have spent $ 2,000 on a device that causes more headaches than future prospects. And, of course, we have to wonder how this will affect other foldable phones, such as the Huawei Mate X and the (rumored) folding Moto Razr . Will the true Foldable Revolution stop for a few years while waiting for Cornings Bendable Glass ?

I should mention that Samsung gets all the rating units back. While it is likely that the company wants to mitigate the damage before any further issues arise, the auditors were also told from the outside that we have a limited 10-day review period before we need to return the phones.

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Our Galaxy Fold didn & # 39; t break. Here's what's good and …


After a week, I'm still split over the fold. The World Does Not Need Foldable Phones . We can get along well without them. But we should want – not as the fold is now, but as it could be. I hope Fold's early misfortune will not stop Samsung and others from trying again. Rumor has it that the brand is already working on two other designs . Maybe one of them is the ticket.

Fold's screen problems are real, but they also distract attention as to whether the device works well and where it does not work. We need to be able to calm down the drama and really see what the fold has to offer. So I will do that.

We agree that the Galaxy Fold is a testbed device for developers and the first users to buy, and that the rest of us should think about it – and then put it aside and delve into the details should. Are you with me?

What is the Galaxy fold best:

  • Screen Display, z. Reading and watching video
  • Opening and closing
  • Multitasking
  • Being portable
  • Attracting attention

What the fold is not so good at:

  • Protecting the internal screen
  • especially on the small outdoor screen
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Near water
  • Smooth scrolling

When you open the Fold, any app that you have launched outside will also open inside.


Why Galaxy Fold is Important to Us

The promise of a foldable phone is all about the screen. uninterrupted shows videos, plays and reads them on and puts them in your pocket.

Companies have been creating collapsible phone concept sketches and prototypes for years Galaxy Fold is the first time that enough interest and technical know-how exist to make a commercial device possible. Samsung is not alone. With the involvement of Huawei Mate X and TCL for future foldability, this new, bendable design becomes more real every day.

Even Google is involved in the campaign and promises Android support so that as the screen flips and unfolds, the software shifts from one screen orientation to the next. A little-known company sold the first foldable phone, the Royole FlexPai but Samsung's Fold is the first "real" foldable phone for most people.

  galaxy-fold-screen-film [19659035(galaxy-fold-screen-film[19659036-)] LooksincludingtheLunetteaccuratelyandlooksasanin thinMinaxyFold: Samsung said that this layer of protection isn'ta screensaver and that it shouldn'tbe far away from itAlso could damage the screen

Angela Lang / CNET

All foldable phones start extremely expensive – the 4G version of the Fold version starts at $ 1,980 and the Mate X costs around $ 2,600. British and Australian prices have not yet been announced, but $ 1,980 will be converted into approximately £ 1,500 or $ 2,750.

There may still be wrinkles to fix when publishing. However, if Samsung and its competitors can solve big problems that Fold is seeing now, and enough people are interested in the design, then foldable phones have a chance to change the way people use their devices. A foldable phone could one day make the tablets obsolete.

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The 7.3-inch screen of My Galaxy Fold: No breaks, but a dent

The Galaxy Fold has a small 4.6-inch screen that you can use when it is is closed, but it is the internal 7.3-inch display real living space. While you get chemically tempered gorilla glass on the outside, this inner grid is made of plastic and not glass – since we still have bendable glass . This means that the screen is about as soft and tender as a young shoot and just as slightly disfigured.

The body count of the Galaxy Fold is among the early reviewers up to five. My review sample is still 100% usable, with no bumps or distortions, but if you look closely, there is a small divot on the left side of the left side. You can see it clearly in our test video.

It is likely that something fiendish in my handbag marked the screen when I threw the fold open to finish a benchmark test while getting off a train. It almost looks like half the moon of a fingernail. I'm not even sure when it happened, but it speaks for the fragility of this kind of design.


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Premium from the outside, cheap feeling from the inside

The pliable screen makes the Galaxy Fold so unusual, but the overall design radiates a whole host of features.

Externally, it looks and feels out-of-the-box when it's locked tight, thanks to glossy glass surfaces, vibrant color and a shiny, drawn-in hinge. Samsung had to go that way to justify the high price of the phone . A magnetic closure ensures that the crease feels securely closed.


I do not expect plastic blocks on a $ 2,000 "luxury" phone. Do you?

Angela Lang / CNET

But when you open it, the inside feels and looks like it's plastic mounts and a large notch that fits the plastic screen.

The plastic film that causes such a jolt is just a problem. Two reviewers took it off (I thought about it, myself), which led to an immediate malfunction of the screen. Samsung later said it was not a screen monitor, but an integral part of the phone structure. With a narrow border between this protective layer and these plastic trims, it's hard to say – there's plenty of room to slide easily in a fingernail or tool to tug this film.

Another difficulty is the dust and lint he likes Collect in this gap. Worrying may be small double openings between the screen and the hinge, one on either pole when the fold is open. You can see how something could get in there.

On the bright side, the opening and closing of the fold feels fantastic. The Fold is a phone that you must understand on a physical level that words and photos do not do justice. You need to feel how much power you need to put in to close the device and reopen it. To measure the smoothness of this large hinge as the "wings" open and close. It's not hard, but you have to be careful, and I like the little effort that the crease demands of you. And the clack when it closes! Very satisfactory.


The Infinity Flex display is made of a type of plastic, as flexible glass is not yet available

Sarah Tew / CNET

That's not just me. I've passed the Galaxy Fold on to colleagues, friends, and perfect strangers who want to take a look – even my 7-year-old parents – and you can see their faces light up as they bend and bend the screen for the first time. It's such an "aha!" Moment. (My mother called the screen color "pure and glowing.")

I think it's great that I can actually put the fold in the pocket of a short-waisted, built-in leather jacket. When I finish a usage session, I can just close and stash it with one click.

Let's Face Wrinkles

Before the Galaxy Fold screens appeared, the seam that ran across the phone's plastic Infinity Flex display was the most disturbing to people. It was ugly, they said, while they had worn off for a long time. Would the crease get worse? Could it stand in the way?

Yes, the fold is there and very visible in some light, for a simple and permanent reason, because foldable phones have screens that bend in half. Until we find a material that will heal itself when bending and bending, we have to accept some wrinkles. Foldable screens with outward bends like the Mate X and the FlexPai also have a distinct ridge. Your elbow too.


If you do not navigate the navigation In the middle of the screen, the crease is probably not in the way.

Angela Lang / CNET

If I press the 7.3-inch screen down when opening the fold, I can feel the hinge mechanism underneath, but I do not really feel it if I catch up easily. With the few games I have played so far, there is not much in the way, and when I dive into my work of reading the screen or watching a video, everything else fades.

I'd rather not have a wrinkle, but at this point, Fold's least worried about the screen.

The notch protrudes like a sore thumb

As much as I like the look of Fold His design elements are real head scrapers. First, there is this score. On the right side of the 7.3-inch display is an approximately three-centimeter long section, in which two cameras and some sensors are located.

I'll be honest with you, it looks pretty ridiculous and unnecessarily big. I understand that Samsung wanted to center the cameras, but if you shine a light on the notch, you will see that the lenses and two sensors take up much more space than they need. When you play a video, the notch is a big, thick bump on the side. It never hampers the action of a scene, but I do not think it has to be that big.


The notch of the Galaxy Fold takes up a lot of space.

Angela Lang / CNET

In some apps, such as YouTube and games like Riptide Renegade, the screen is rendered black in accordance with the notch to create wider bars on both sides. You do not notice the score that much, but you also do not get the full screen mode.

If you hate the score enough, you can artificially darken part of the screen by using some display settings (Display> Full Screen) Apps on the screen> Advanced Settings> Hide Camera Pane). That just makes the bezel look thicker.

The Fold's 4.6-inch display is too small and too narrow

Samsung's foldable phone is large and narrow when it's closed, and the 4.6-inch exterior feels like it's in the Center small on the body, surrounded on all sides by a rather empty space. This design gives the screen the impression of being smaller than it is. I think the alternative would be an even bigger screen that could be some of the custom formatting challenges of general apps.

When folded, the fold feels a bit like a flip phone or an older candybar phone on it is handy for phoning. It is less convenient to start the camera by pressing the power button twice or unlock the phone when it is collapsed. These buttons are on the second camel hump when the fold is closed. So you have to grab over a plane to push it. This leads to inaccuracies.

  317 galaxy fold

The conversation about the closed fold is pleasant and makes sense.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The Fold receives one of my most popular new Samsung features, Wireless PowerShare. This allows you to charge another device that you place on the back of the fold. This worked well for smaller accessories like the wireless Galaxy Buds. But the S10 Plus, a wider phone than the Fold, had to be set up to slide off.

When the fold is completely closed, there is an air gap – the opening closest to the Galaxy Fold's joint where the two halves meet does not completely touch. It is, frankly, smaller than I feared, and though it is conspicuous, it does not stand out. I could easily plug in a credit card. Then I slipped into another. The fold remained folded, mainly because of the tension created by the magnets.

The hinge of the fold moves smoothly, but a big mechanism also makes the width of the "wings" of the phone narrow. Closed, it looks like a sandwich. On the right side there is a volume rocker and an on / off switch, and the fingerprint reader also acts as a Bixby button. I accidentally pressed it several times.

  229-galaxy-fold "height =" 0 "width =" 1092 "data-original =" https://cnet3.cbsistatic.com/img/3ktZrSctXSBFcHbvTFcdMiYu0-g=/ 1092x0 / 2019/04/15 / bbd78f6a -269c-4e16-8b42-e80876e6a0d0 / 229-galaxy-fold.jpg </span><noscript><span><img src=

A 4.6-inch screen has a longer life. 19659029] Sarah Tew / CNET

There is no headphone jack. This is fine if you use the free Galaxy Buds wireless earphones that are included, but bad if you use headphones that you prefer to use. The fold is not water repellent, so be careful not to drown your investment.

When it comes to the real business of a phone – with apps – the more compact configuration is more of a challenge. Although the wrinkle screen is much smaller than any other phone, you can still access all installed apps. Samsung downloads a large clock widget that you can tap to get into your clock app (handy for setting an alarm clock). You can also change this widget if you want.

There is also the Google search bar and room for three app icons. You can create folders so that more is displayed on the page. Of course, there are several home screens so you can get to your apps quickly. The app taskbar can also be accessed simply by dragging from below, as with other phones.

  313-galaxy-fold [1965103-3] 19659036] Tapping on this tiny screen can be challenging.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The font size and icons are both miniaturized, which feels like a relapse in the days when we were all squatting, hunting and pecking through apps on our phone screens. As I tried to respond to tweets and messages, it became increasingly clear to me that this screen and its virtual keyboard are too small to be useful. I can almost exactly tap when I'm immobile, but once I run or bounce off a train or bus, the mistakes grew to be unreadable.

Maybe it would be easier to type 4.6. Inch screen when the Samsung keyboard supports the tracking. I could switch to Gboard, the virtual keyboard I would prefer, but then I would lose the split-screen keyboard when I open the fold. I've reviewed the settings and it does not look as if you could use different inputs on the front and inside screens just as you can set different wallpapers.


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Epic Galaxy Fold Unboxing: Samsung lets count


My solution was to use voice input, but Samsung's standard software only falsified my words. I could turn it off in the settings that went back to Google's voice input, my preference. That helped enormously.

I have smaller fingers, so it was hard for me, but it is certain that you will have trouble if you have bigger hands. I would definitely rely on Google Voice or Bixby to do certain things. For example, make a call, search for business hours, or turn Wi-Fi on and off.

I just want to say that the fold is easy to use One-handed when folded, especially if you just want to follow the map navigation or take a picture.

  217 galaxy folds

The fold does not close perfectly flat.

Sarah Tew / CNET

"App Continuity" works as advertised

When you open the fold, any app you open will also open from the inside. This is called App Continuity. Samsung and Google have worked together to make sure that the crease has no delays.

This works as expected and without delay. If you want the app to follow the smaller outdoor area on the inside screen, you'll need to select those apps in the display settings. This is because you do not want every app to track your heels. You can decide that closing the phone for most apps means closing what you do.

Currently, WhatsApp, Microsoft, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, Samsung and Google apps have been optimized for the design. If the app does not support App Continuity, it will continue to work, but you'll need to resize the app for full screen. Otherwise, black bars will be displayed on both sides.

  303-galaxy-fold-height =

The split-screen keyboard is useful.

Sarah Tew / CNET

As you begin typing, you'll find Samsung dividing the keyboard to make it more comfortable on the larger screen. My hands were still stretching across the screen and getting tired, but I never felt like dropping the crease, and I still preferred to tap on the smaller screen.

I'm not the world's biggest fan of the Samsung keyboard and it's annoying that you can not track in split-screen mode. I'm sure the replacement of third-party virtual keyboards will take the challenge.

Multitasking: Using three apps at once is an art.

Multitasking is one of Fold's biggest selling points. Being able to use up to three apps at once is an advantage of using a larger screen. But multi-active windows, as they are called, are complicated and a bit confusing, so stick to me and I will do my best to explain it.

Most of the time, you open an app the way you normally would. To do this, either tap the icon on your home screen, select it on the New tab, or swipe from the bottom to select it from the app bar. Now say you want to chat with someone while watching YouTube videos. They will swipe from the right side of the screen (where the edge display is on other Galaxy phones) and start an app this way.


You can use up to three apps at once.

Angela Lang / CNET

You'll notice that when you open the second app, the first one is pushed to the left, so the second can load as a tall, narrow panel. If you then add a third app (in the same way as a second one), the secondary panel is split in half to make room for the third panel. You can slightly reduce, close and drag these windows with blue "handles" at the top of the app. For example, if you want your third app to be your main window, you can drag it to that position.

I immediately noticed that the more apps you open, the smaller the font. Therefore, you may not always want to use all three at the same time. However, if you want to open the calculator quickly while reading a message, you do not need to stop changing the focus. You can also switch the phone to landscape mode to change the orientation, making the windows wider and shorter.

To load an app in the main window, swipe up to access the app bar. To open an app in one of the other windows, navigate right from the app bar and start an app this way. Another great tip: You can also create the screen with multiple windows by dragging and dropping icons from the New tab.


The Fold looks closed like two stacked phones. You can see the fingerprint reader / Bixby button below the lock button.

Angela Lang / CNET

Everything I've just described happens in a perfect world, but there are limitations. You will never be able to open some apps as secondary or tertiary panels, and that's a pity. I hope Samsung will work with top app developers to achieve this. Interestingly, I've found that some apps can not be opened as a panel, but as a popup (see my embedded tweet above). In that case, I opened Netflix to start a download, and then opened Google Drive to find a file while I waited. I expected Drive to open as a panel, and I was surprised to see it as a window in a window, similar to the picture-in-picture view, where you can see the Google Maps navigation as a thumbnail image and yourself to focus on something else. I expanded the popup and moved it with the same "handles".

Speaking of Netflix download (two episodes of the British spy drama Traitors), the picture did not fill the screen of course and I could not fill it. You can display a control on the screen to expand it – top and bottom only black bars. Samsung will definitely want to work with Netflix on formatting because this is not an ideal arrangement. You can force the app to expand if you dug in the display settings, but this has not changed anything on Netflix.

  068-galaxy-fold ± 19659149-9 / galaxy-fold ” height=”0″ width=”1092″/>

The Galaxy Fold is available in black, green, silver and blue.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The six cameras of the Fold are as good as the S10 Plus.

The Galaxy Fold has a total of six cameras: three rear, one front and two inside:

  • 10-megapixel camera for fast-paced shots and selfies (outer screen)
  • 10-megapixel camera (inner screen )
  • 8 megapixel RGB depth sensor (inner screen)
  • 12 megapixel main camera (carrier)
  • 16 megapixel ultra wide angle (carrier)
  • 12 megapixel telephoto lens (carrier)
  Galaxy Galaxy Fold 33
Angela Lang / CNET

While you can take snapshots with the 4.6-inch screen, Samsung expects you to use the folding folder to capture most photos, as it allows you to better adjust the blur and settings in this way. I do not like holding up a tablet-sized screen to take my photos. I make fun of these people (sorry, people). Now I have become one of these people.

Photographing with the fold closed is feasible but not great, as it is difficult to tell if the photo is in focus, and it is much more difficult to move small sliders for live focus (portrait) shooting. But if you honestly take a short photo or do not want to attract attention by unfolding the fold, that's fine. You can either share the photo immediately or open the fold for fine-tuning.

It's much easier to take selfies from the closed position than from the open position, and it's also more private – you do not have it All and her dog are watching your teeth on your 7.3-inch screen.

  galaxy-galaxy-fold-38 [19659168?Galaxy-galaxy-fold-38″19659036] One-handed camera shots are great for taking pictures right away.

Angela Lang / CNET

Da Samsung auf der Galaxy Fold exakt die gleichen Kameras verwendet wie auf dem Galaxy S10 Plus (und S10 5G), erhalten Sie erstklassige Fotos.

Ich bin fasziniert von der 8-Megapixel-Kamera zur Tiefenerkennung im Inneren, da sie im Wesentlichen für Selfies verwendet wird und nicht für AR-Erlebnisse vor Ihnen (oder auf der Rückseite). Wenn Samsung die sichere Gesichtsentriegelung mit der Tiefenerkundungskamera magisch einschaltet, könnte dies eine Möglichkeit sein, die Falte vor dem Entsperren zu öffnen. Es kann verwendet werden, um Online-Zahlungen zu überprüfen. Bis dahin kann der Fingerabdruckleser schnell und einfach geöffnet oder geschlossen verwendet werden. Ich werde darauf näher eingehen.

Solide Akkulaufzeit und Leistung, aber Scrollen kann komisch werden

Samsung verspricht die gesamte Akkulaufzeit der 4.380-mAh-Stromquelle des Galaxy Fold (die aufgeteilt ist) in zwei Batterien, eine für jede Seite).

Wie lange Sie abhängen, hängt wie immer davon ab, wie Sie das Telefon verwenden. In meinen Tests verlief der Fold sicherlich von morgens bis abends, aber ich musste ihn am Ende des Tages wieder einstecken. Die Falte bleibt länger geschlossen, als wenn Sie sie ständig offen verwenden, aus dem einfachen Grund, dass der größere Bildschirm mehr Leistung erfordert.

 052-galaxy-fold [19659750"galaxy-fold” height=”0″ width=”1092″/>

Wir sehen dasselbe Kamera-Setup wie das Galaxy S10 Plus.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Das zeigte sich im CNET-Test der Video-Tiefentladungsbatterie im Flugzeugmodus. Die Falte dauerte im ersten Durchgang 16 Stunden und im zweiten Lauf 17 Stunden. Vergleichen Sie das mit dem Galaxy S10 Plus, das 21 Stunden mit demselben Test lief.

Das Galaxy Fold verwendet den gleichen Snapdragon 855-Prozessor wie das Galaxy S10-Telefon, und ich bin froh, berichten zu können, dass Benchmarking-Testergebnisse in die richtige Linie geraten . Das Verwenden von Apps auf den großen und kleinen Bildschirmen hat sich schnell angefühlt. App-Kontinuität, bei der Apps zwischen den inneren und äußeren Bildschirmen gemischt werden, ist ein völlig neuer Trick. Es gibt also einen Bruchteil einer Verzögerung, die ich in dieser frühen Phase nicht gegen Samsung und Google halten kann.

Was ich darauf hinweisen werde – und ich weiß, dass ich nicht der erste Rezensent bin, der dies tut – ist ein seltsamer Effekt namens "Jelly Scrolling", bei dem der Text auf der linken Hemisphäre der Fold-Ansicht mit unterschiedlichen Geschwindigkeiten gegenüber der rechten Seite angezeigt wird. Wenn Sie schnell in beide Richtungen blättern, sehen Textblöcke aus, als ob sie nach oben oder unten geneigt wären. Es wird Ihnen nicht im Weg stehen, aber die beiden Seiten sind eindeutig nicht ausgerichtet. Just one more thing for Samsung&#39;s to-do list.

Galaxy Fold vs. the Huawei Mate X


Samsung Galaxy Fold
Huawei Mate X
Display size, resolution
4.6-inch Super AMOLED (1,680×720 pixels); 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED (2,152×1,536 pixels)
6.6-inch (2,480×1,148 pixels); 6.38-inch (2,480×892 pixels); 8-inch OLED (2,480×2,200 pixels)
Mobile software
Android 9.0 with Samsung One UI
12-megapixel (wide-angle), 16-megapixel (ultra wide-angle), 12-megapixel (telephoto)
Four rear cameras
Front-facing camera
Two 10-megapixel, 8-megapixel 3D depth
At least one
Video capture
Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Kirin 980 processor
Expandable storage
4,380-mAh dual battery
4,500-mAh dual battery
Fingerprint sensor
Power button
Power button
Headphone jack
Special features
Foldable display, wireless charging, fast charging
Foldable display, fast charging
Price off-contract (USD)
TBA, converts to $2,600 (2,299 euros)
Price (GBP)
TBA, converts to £1,500
TBA, converts to £2,000
Price (AUD)
TBA, converts to AU$2,750
TBA, converts to AU$3,620

Originally published April 15 at 6 a.m. PT and updated often.

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