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Galaxy Note 10+: Does the S Pen justify a price of $ 1100?

The Galaxy Note series is Samsung's option for power users and enthusiasts. At least that's what it was. The Galaxy Note 10+ is the biggest change we've ever seen on a Galaxy Note, but not because of the technical data or features it contains. It hits the nail on the head in almost every category for a "perfect smartphone", but is the unique S-pen enough to make the purchase worthwhile?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is "Top Smartphone"

Samsung has been getting better and better in hardware since it threw the ugly plastic designs it used to overboard, and the 10+ mark is the highlight of it. Not only is it the best phone Samsung has to offer, it may also be one of the best designs on any smartphone available today.

The curved glass around the display almost seamlessly merges into the aluminum frame, which then immediately turns back around the "Aura" rear window. The attention to detail is also great as Samsung even strives to perfectly align all the ports and cutouts around this frame.

 Galaxy Note 10+ Aura Glow

At a Glance The Note 10+ is at least for the time being as good as the design of a smartphone. It's beautiful without sacrificing practicality. The only really big victim is the headphone jack, which some miss more than others. Personally, I could not care less about it, but I'm shocked that Samsung is removing the connection to its enthusiast-held phone, especially to get a better feel.

The quirks of Samsung's excellent design are more noticeable.

The changes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ buttons are somewhat frustrating

Some quirks with Samsung hardware on the Note 10 comes with the buttons. Probably because of the position of the S Pen and the lack of space in the phone, Samsung threw the on / off switch on the right side overboard.

With this movement, the device also shifts everything with a single button and double-click on the left side for sleep / wake and Bixby as well. Above is the typical volume rocker. This unorthodox arrangement leaves the mark 10 with some problems for which solutions have to be found. By default, the page key Bixby triggers by a long press, ie you have to access the main menu in another way.

 Galaxy Note 10+ Keys

Another problem For me, with these buttons, I lifted the phone upside down almost halfway up the clock when I pulled the device out of my pocket have. This is probably something you'll get used to over time, but since most other phones place buttons on the right side of your phone, you need to break muscle memory.

As a left-hander, this is also frustrating in terms of usability. For example, it was uncomfortable with one hand to take a screenshot. You can get used to it, too. The keys are still tactile and of good quality. Plus, making these changes easier than ever before completely disabling Bixby.

& # 39; Aura Glow & # 39; is hard to hide, but you should still have a case.

What really sets the Note 10+ apart is the "Aura" colors that Samsung has gone for. They are all personally striking, but "Aura Glow" is particularly unique. Unlike a standard gradient design, Samsung's design holds almost any color of the rainbow, depending on how the light falls on it. Wherever you look at the 10th note in Aura Glow, it will look completely different.

 Galaxy Note 10+ Aura Glow

This part of the Note's design is legally hard to hide because it's just so much to see. However, it's harder to find a phone that needs more than this. The Touch 10+ is an absolute fingerprint magnet. That alone made me clap on a case, but I added how smart it is, and during the period under review, I turned to Amazon for something to use.

Such a good display that you will not even notice the clip. [19659005] The quality of the Samsung displays is unmatched in the smartphone sector today. There is a reason why everyone wants to use the company's displays, even if Apple uses the panels in its flagships.

The Note 10+ is, simply put, another winner for Samsung Display. Viewing angles are second to none, colors and contrasts are essentially unrivaled, and the brightness is excellent even in difficult scenarios such as bright sunlight or pitch-black space.

 Note 10+ indicator

That's not the case to say just how futuristic the lack of bezels around this display looks like. Holding the Touch 10+ feels like you're only holding one screen, with the only real shutter on the bottom of the unit. Even then, this aperture is significantly smaller than other devices that claim to be "all-screen".

Better yet, Samsung has even improved the inevitable clipping of this miracle without iris by suspending its location. The Galaxy S10 series had a camera cutout in the upper-right corner of the screen that was annoying for notifications and sometimes even videos. By putting this section in the middle and making it even smaller, Samsung made it essentially invisible in everyday use. My only complaint is that, due to this design, there are no sensors to help unlock the face. Since the Note 10 uses only one camera for this feature, it is ridiculously easy to fool.

Somewhat more annoying is that Samsung uses the same ultrasonic fingerprint sensor as the Galaxy S10 and S10 +. The sensor is unchanged with respect to this device. This means that it works, but slower than comparable fingerprint sensors on the display and often inaccurate. It may be the size, but I had fewer failures at the 10+ mark than the Galaxy S10. Regardless, I would still prefer a good face unlock system or a rear capacitive sensor.

 Samsung Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor


Developers get some great features, but also some useless gimmicks

The Galaxy Note 10+ is said to be the phone that can "do it all", and from the point of view of the functions, that's for sure. With this introduction, Samsung offers more features for developers than ever before, mainly in the video department.

We'll talk more about camera quality and the like in a later section of the review, but one thing I'd like to highlight is Samsung's built-in video editor. I believe that Android lacks editing video, whether it's integrated editors or options in the Play Store. Options like Adobe Premiere Rush help fill this gap. With grade 10, however, Samsung has introduced a video editor that is integrated directly into the Gallery app. It's easy to use and still supports some useful features like transitions and basic timeline arrangements. Some popular YouTubers like Mr. Mobile even used this editor to create whole videos on their channel. I only briefly tested this feature, but I wish this feature would be standard on all phones or integrated with Google Photos.

Some of the new features of Note 10+ are useful, but there are also more bloatware

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Note 10+ with Live Focus Video, which can be used to adjust the background of a subject in real time , The default mode is … not great, but additional modes like "glitch" might be fun in videos. There is also a screen recorder that can be useful for creating app or game videos, and AR Doodle, which allows the S-pen to draw a subject and track it in real time on its face. There is also a "zoom-in microphone" that focuses the audio recording on a topic in your video. It works fine, but there is nothing to write home about.

The problem with some of these features is that they often feel like gimmicks. The video editor and screen recorder are both really useful, but most of the other new features of the Galaxy Note 10+ just remind me of the "all and kitchen sink" mentality Samsung 2014 had. This also extends to some of the S-Pen features we will discuss below.

For a while, Samsung used its hardware and some useful features to increase sales Once use (if at all) and forget.

A Microsoft partnership adds value to productivity.

Since the Galaxy Note is also popular with business users, Samsung is partnering with Microsoft to improve the usability of buyers. This can be observed in three areas.

First, all major apps from Microsoft are preinstalled on the Galaxy Note 10+. If you delve deeply into the Microsoft ecosystem, that's great. If you do not, it's just more bloatware. Note 10 bloatware deserves a separate section in this review, but to reduce it to a single sentence: On the 10+ grade, three different email apps are preinstalled, and that's utterly ridiculous.

Samsung and Microsoft also developed a button for linking to Windows for the 10+ grade. This button uses the Microsoft "Your Phone" service and can mirror notifications, text messages, and your photos to your computer. In this way, the two devices can work together more closely, and because the functionality simply hides behind a switch, this is compared to other Android phones much easier and more practical With Note 10+ notes can also be output directly in Word. With Samsung's S Pen and OCR text recognition, all notes on your device can be quickly converted to a Microsoft Word document. I bet the average user will probably never use it, but for business users this is almost a godsend. It is a good example of how good Samsung's approach to functions can be .

It's not surprising that performance is first-rate at this point

is one of the fastest phones you can buy today. With a Snapdragon 855, 8GB of RAM and built-in UFS 3.0 memory, this phone survives everyday tasks. This performance also shows me that Samsung's DeX interface for computers will be very powerful. Honestly, this is still not a function for which I have somehow found a place in my life, but the ability to use it on a computer that you already have is a good idea that makes it more useful for some should make people.

The only thing that affects the performance of the Galaxy Note 10+ is the display and especially its refresh rate. For 90 Hz displays like the OnePlus 7 Pro, everything feels faster than a traditional 60 Hz display. Otherwise, this is simply one of the fastest phones on the market today.


The handy S Pen is getting more and more useful because it has the biggest cause with

distance The Galaxy Note series was not included in the Galaxy S family, but is the S-pen, from year to year getting better.

As with previous generations, the S-pen for the Galaxy S has been improved. 10 can write notes as soon as you pull it out of the silo, and other functions, such as: B. screenshots, improve. It is also a more accurate tool for handwriting or even tasks like video editing, but there are also some new features.

 s Pen

AR Doodle is a new feature for the S-Pen mentioned above, but it's a trick you'll probably only use once. Another feature that I thought was in the same category was the new Air Actions feature, but it turned out to be something that I really like.

Air Actions uses new sensors in the S Pen to navigate some airborne applications with wireless gestures. The most frequently advertised use case for this is the camera app. There, the S Pen can change the camera mode and the zoom level with one touch. In some niche cases this can be useful. For me, Air Actions was the most useful in Google Chrome. If you switch quickly to the settings, Chrome can be enabled for this feature, and you can easily assign gestures to scroll up and down and toggle between pages. It's probably still a niche application for keeping your phone out of the way and reading content, but it's a place I found it useful.

In the future it would be in my opinion It is amazing to see how Samsung continues to use this feature and maybe somehow turns the S Pen into a Wii Remote, but who knows if that at all is possible.

At this point in the lifecycle of the Note series, the S Pen is getting shorter as the only reason you buy the phone. The 10+ grade has a lot to offer, but 95% of it is on the Galaxy S10 +, which is less expensive. Really, the S-pen is the only reason why you should buy a Galaxy Note 10+.

I have some tips on the Galaxy Note 10+ S-Pen

I've never been fully involved in building a stylus on my phone, so maybe I'm a bit more sensitive to minor changes than others. Up to this point, two parts of the Note 10's S Pen have annoyed me somewhat.

First, this S Pen is smaller than in the past of the year. The difference is barely noticeable in direct comparison, but I felt the change as I used the pen regularly. It just feels a little uncomfortable when I write. This probably does not affect everyone who uses the device, but I noticed it when I used the device.

 The pen is not for left-handers

Another idiot is that the grade does not really work for left-handers. As I mentioned in this post, the buttons already have some minor left-side handling issues. However, Samsung has also adjusted the Air Command menu in Note 10 to only appear on the right side of the screen. In terms of design, it probably makes sense, but it's a frustrating change if you're left-handed, just like scissors or folders.


Triple Camera is the Way to Go

Samsung has not really made a fuss about the Galaxy S9 with its Dual Aperture lens. This also applies to the Galaxy Note 10+ and is combined with a telephoto lens and an ultrawide lens. This triple-camera setup is the same we saw on the Galaxy S10 and S10 + this year, and just like on these phones, it's a great array for most people. There's also an extra depth sensor, but it's not used for anything you find useful.

 Samsung Camera App

The flexibility of having these three angles on a single shot is useful so I can take shots I simply could not take on other devices. Personally, I still take a pixel every day of the week, but such settings with extra lenses are extremely tempting.

Samsung also deserves recognition when this is due, as the 10+ rating can also provide surprises. On the way to a wedding rehearsal in the mountains, I was able to capture some beautiful sunset pictures with the Galaxy Note 10+ that my pixel did not really agree with. Bad light is definitely the weakness of Samsung.

"Super Steady" is super useful

Another area of ​​improvement for the Galaxy Note 10+ in the camera department is the new Super Steady video setting. This is disabled by default, but turning it on gives great results.

During the Samsung launch event, the company demonstrated a demo of this functionality that looked too good to be true. I still think that the demo was overkill, but the actual functionality is still impressive and works better than Google's video stabilizer on the pixel. Truly, Samsung is the best in the Android world when it comes to videos.


Easily a full-time smartphone

I'll keep the battery life for the Galaxy Note clear and simple 10+. It is great.

Although this is not a 2-day smartphone with a 4,300 mAh battery, I never finished one day at less than 25%, no matter how hard I was with the device. In a charge often went four hours. Obviously, your results may vary as you play more games or spend more time in energy-intensive apps. For most people, though, this is a phone they do not have to think of in the middle of the day.

Finally, The Right Fast Charging System

Samsung has been using Samsung's fast charging method for its phones for over four years – that's every device since the Galaxy S6. After all this time, Samsung is releasing Quick Charge 2.0 for USB-C Power Delivery, the standard that Google, Apple and others have adopted.

The Galaxy Note 10+ comes with a 25 W USB stick. C-to-USB-C charging system that turns on the phone very quickly. It's more powerful than devices like the Google Pixel 3, and the 10+ rating can get even faster with some 45W chargers. Fast or not, I'm just glad that Samsung is finally passing from an outdated standard.

 Galaxy Note 10+


Insignificant Speakers [19659005] It's a shame that the headphone jack on the Galaxy Note 10+ is gone, but it's even worse if you throw a set of dreadful speakers over it. The 10+ speakers emit stereo sound, but feel unbalanced, lack depth, and overall, it's simply not a quality experience. Even the Galaxy S10 series had better speakers than these, and it seems the thinner bezels are to blame.

Greasy Screen Protector

Like the Galaxy S10, the Touch 10+ comes with a supplied pre-installed screen protector. The thin plastic film is perfectly applied to the device, and I recommend Samsung for it. However, this protector attracts as many spots as the glass bottom. Fortunately, unlike the Galaxy Fold, this screen protector can be removed and replaced with something better.

Android 10 can not come soon enough.

Due to its enormous size, the Note 10+ asks for a better navigation system. Three-button function for two-hand operation. However, this is a phone that would benefit greatly from Android 10's new gesture navigation. Not to mention Samsung's integrated gesture control.


The Galaxy Note 10+ is a great smartphone in every way. It has powerful specifications, a great design and all the features you could ever want. If you look at it in your own world, there is almost no reason not to buy it.

The sad truth for the 10+ mark is that it does not live in its own world. There are many cell phones that offer the same specifications, features and design for much less money. For $ 1,100, the 10+ mark is a tough pill if the Galaxy S10 + is easy to get under $ 800, and the OnePlus 7 Pro is even less.

The only thing that distinguishes the Galaxy Note 10+ is its S pen. This feature has a very strong user group that is essentially addictive. If you belong to this group, this phone is a breeze despite its high price.

 Galaxy Note 10+ Aura Glow

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