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Galaxy S10 front panel leak without display camera hole

The front panels of the Galaxy S10 have surfaced online, both for the Galaxy S10 and for the Galaxy S10 +, it seems. These images were shared by a well-known tipster named Ice Universe and shared on Twitter, although at least some of them were originally found on Weibo (Chinese social network), notes the source. Now, two different sets of images have been leaked, the very first picture in the gallery showing the front panels of the Galaxy S10 and S10 +, while the other four seem to show the front panel of the Galaxy S1

0 one in the first picture. You'll notice that the front panels of the Galaxy S10 and the S10 + in the first image above have a cutout for the listener, while the same cutout is not visible in the other four images available at the bottom of the gallery. In addition, the shape of these fronts seems to be slightly different, and the apertures seem to be thinner in the second set of pictures, so … not all of these pictures are legitimate, if any.

You will notice that none of these images have a hole in the camera's display, even though the Galaxy S10 phones have such a design. Now the two panels in the first picture seem to be slightly curved on the sides, but not as far as the panel shown in the other four pictures. Based on the previous designs of the Galaxy S series, the second set of images could be more accurate in this regard, although Samsung has adjusted this curve with the Galaxy S9 to make the display slightly less curved than the Galaxy S8. [19659002] Background: The information in the Galaxy S10 has been leaked for some time, and we've actually seen a lot of conflicting information so it's not easy to predict what to expect at this point. At first, there were rumors that the company wanted to bring more than two Galaxy S10 units to the market, as the Galaxy S10 and S10 + are expected to have a more compact S10 unit and a "budget" version. Some of these phones were supposedly equipped with two rear-facing cameras, others three, but according to new information that surfaced yesterday, Samsung is actually planning to introduce an additional Galaxy S10 variant and four cameras on the back of it and two cameras on the back Front. This report also indicated that the phone is internally referred to as "Beyond X" and comes with 5G support. It is not expected to launch in February with the other "three variants" of the Galaxy S10, which suggests the company is planned to bring four Galaxy S10 phones to market.

The three variants of the Galaxy S10, which are expected to arrive in February, are allegedly labeled Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond Two as codenames. If you want to believe the rumors, the "budget" Galaxy S10 model will be equipped with a flat 5.8 "display and will also ship with 4GB of RAM, while the other Galaxy S10 units expected to arrive in February be said to have 6GB of RAM available. Rumor has it that the Exynos 9820 will fuel all Galaxy S10 units, the same goes for the upcoming Snapdragon 8150 or whatever Qualcomm wants to call it, as Samsung is likely to introduce two SoC variants of its flagship smartphones again. The Snapdragon 8150 will power the Galaxy S10 in the US and China, the Exynos 9820 in Europe.

The other two Galaxy S10 models are said to be shipped with curved displays, and at least one of them expects a 6.4-inch display, probably a QHD + Super AMOLED panel. It is expected that these two phones will include 6GB and 8GB of RAM. If the fourth model arrives later with four rear-facing cameras, Samsung can include 8 GB of RAM in this variant and leave the others on 6 GB of RAM. The premium version of the Galaxy S10 with four cameras on the back is said to cost $ 1,770, which is an extremely high price, and frankly a bit hard to believe, so it will be interesting to see just how accurate these rumors are.

Impact: Samsung's Galaxy S10 series is expected to have a different design than the Galaxy S8 and S9 series, as Samsung is spicing up design every two years. In addition, the Galaxy S10 series is essentially the tenth anniversary of Samsung's flagship Android smartphones. The company is likely to want to differentiate it from its existing offerings. The Galaxy S10 units are likely to be made of metal and glass just like the Galaxy S8 and S9, but the Galaxy S10's bezels are expected to be much thinner. It is expected that at least one Galaxy S10 model will support 5G, and Samsung is expected to be one of the first smartphone makers to offer a smartphone that supports 5G connectivity, even though 5G will be available in H2 2019. Standard coming soon , In addition to the smartphones of the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung also plans to announce its first foldable smartphone in early 2019. The company still has not confirmed when the phone is exactly coming, but Samsung showed a demo unit of this smartphone during the year, The Developer Conference, and the CEO of the company suggested some time ago that the phone will arrive in early 2019. Samsung will likely provide separate launches for the Galaxy S10 and its foldable smartphone, as the company does not want anyone else to attract attention. The Galaxy S10 is expected to arrive in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, while the company's foldable phone may arrive earlier, at least if rumors are to be expected, as LG announces the foldable handset in January during the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES) in Las Vegas.

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