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Game of Thrones Episode 6: Twitter responds to the disappointing finale of the eighth season


Dany became a conqueror.


Game of Thrones is over (well, we still have prequels and spin-offs ) and people are a little upset.

That was not great!

So that was definitely a consequence of watching TV. I do not know where to start. Divide it by sections.

The opening of this episode was strong. We had Dany come up with an absolutely sensational appearance …

And after some back and forth and a walk through the carnage, Tyrion Lannister gave up his brooch. He did not want to be the hand / sheriff anymore.

Then there was a long, but pretty well performed scene in which Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow discussed the pros and cons of stabbing Daenerys Targaryen crazy war crimes for them.

Jon Snow has made the same tormented face, "what shall I do with this moral dilemma" that he has been doing for eight long seasons, and then he has done what he always does: the right thing. In this case, murder by love knife in the stomach.

That was bad enough, I think the sting. Then the worst: Drogon's mourning. That meant a lot of fire and a complete melting of the iron throne.

At this point, things seemed to be good. Good episode, decent writing, good performances. This was the pinnacle of the episode . The Dany Death scene was great, Drogon's reaction was great. Sweet, we get the Jon Snow end, right?


This is where things get out of hand.

Bran Stark – perhaps the most irritating character in the series' long history now the owner of a completely molten iron throne. Everyone agreed that he should be king in one of the strangest scenes in the history of Game of Thrones.

As you might expect, people were upset.

And from that point on we found ourselves in epilogue mode. Jon Snow was back in the newly established night watch. Arya decided to adventure on the high seas. The north became his own kingdom, which means Sansa becomes queen in the north. Sure, what else. That makes sense.

Perhaps the only highlight: Jon Snow was reunited with Ghost and the people were happy for a while.

But as the credits rolled, there was an empty sense of disappointment. That's it, the shows are over. Will we have a confrontation with Arya Stark as an assassin on the high seas and Jon Snow adventures in the north? Probably, but that was not the end we expected. It all feels a bit strange.

If you are frustrated by the show or just need something to fill the hole in the size of Game of Thrones in your life, here's 11 could help the pain too to stun .

Farewell to the throne, it was a staggering, confusing, furious eight years .

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