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Game of Thrones: Every loose end of the series is never over


The Song of Ice and Fire could have needed a few extra pages.

Full spoilers follow for the finale of the Game of Thrones series. If you want to learn more about Game of Thrones, read our WTF questions on the finale, why Drogon did what he did in the end, why Westeros & # 39; new leader is a frightening choice, or how Jon's Fate of Snow the series closes the circle.

Eight seasons and 73 episodes sound like a lot, but even that's not enough room to cater for each of the hundreds of characters that make up the Game of Thrones saga. So it is like that the series is wrapped without completely binding its many loose ends.

From the whereabouts of forgotten characters like Meera Reed and Daario Naharis to prophecies that have never come true, here are all the threads the series has never solved.

Meera Reed


Meera Reed is truly one of the unsung heroes of the Game of Thrones saga. While Bran had a great old time fighting for Westeros and visiting the past, Meera was busy transporting him too far from the mortal world to make sure he was not stabbed, robbed or killed by the dead was eaten many victims.

It definitely felt like there was more to Meera after her unfortunate Season 7 departure. We never came back and never met her father Howland outside of the Tower of Joy backstage. Did House Reed survive the war against the White Walkers? And if so, what are you doing now? Only Bran knows, and he does not seem to care.

Daario Naharis


Poor Daario. This Sellsword killed his own allies to get closer to Dany, and in the end his queen decided to leave him in Meereen as she traveled to Westeros to find a new, handsome lover Still in the seas to keep the peace and on to wait for the return of his queen? Or was he bored and looking for another adventure?

We need to wonder if Daario's quiet disappearance had something to do with the lukewarm response. For some fans, Daario was never the same after Ed Skrein was replaced by Michiel Huisman in Season 4.

Melisandre's Prophecy to Arya

  Melis andre

When they met for the first time, Melisandre Arya sent a cryptic prophecy and told her she would close eyes in different colors forever and also promised that they would would meet again. This second part obviously came true in "The Long Night", but the series never really clarified which eyes Melisandre was referring to. Did Arya complete the prophecy? Was Cersei the last feast of the eye Arya intended to shut down, or did she avert the prophecy by following the dog's advice?

Arya has killed so many people now that it's hard to tell if the prophecy was fulfilled or not. Maybe this is something that appears in this Arya-centered split that HBO may not be able to do?

The Red Priests


There are indeed a lot of questions about Melisandre and her fellow priests that are never fully addressed in the series. For one thing, if the followers of the Lord of Light were so hell bent on stopping the White Wanderers, why did Melisandre do all the heavy lifting? What exactly did your colleagues do during the Battle of Winterfell? We know that there are more in the countries outside of Westeros, but apart from Thoros they have rarely appeared in the series. We never made it to see Priestess Kinvara return, or to find out what exactly she knew about the mysterious voice that Varys haunted as a boy.

The question concerns "the promised prince," a hero who is supposedly the reincarnation of the legendary warrior Azor Ahai. Some characters, from Stannis to Daenerys to Jon, were mentioned as possible candidates, but we never learned if Azor Ahai really returned or if this prophecy was just a load of bunk. And since the Lord of Light is the only god in the Game of Thrones universe that definitely seems to exist, we're surprised that this was not directly addressed in the last season. We can only hope that in one of the forthcoming spin-off series we will learn more about R # hllor and his followers.

Drogon's Destination


Daenerys arrived in Westeros with three dragons in tow. In the end, both she and two of her dragons were dead, leaving only sad, lonely Drogon to melt the iron throne and rip his mother's body to pieces Unknown.

It's hard not to wonder where Drogon went and what he's up to when he gets there. Will he eat Dany's body so much on the internet seems to believe it's going to happen? What happens in Game of Thrones? Does Drogon go looking for a home through the country? What happens if he inevitably encounters dragon-fearful people? Or he just finds a nice, comfortable mountain and sleeps on an Ag A large supply of gold, how should dragons do it?

Ellaria Sand


Ellaria Sand had a rough lot of things in the series. First she watched her lover as his skull was shattered by the mountain. And while Ellaria got back a bit of money (though that included poisoning an innocent girl), Cersei paid back the favor by poisoning Ellaria's own daughter. When we last saw Ellaria, she was mourning in a cell in King's Landing.

So, what happened to Ellaria and her fellow inmates (including Septa Unella)? We never found out, though the list of options seems pretty bleak. Most likely, Ellaria was eventually executed or she died when Drogon set fire to the Red Fortress. Even if she had survived the attack, Ellaria would probably have starved in her cell if she could not somehow go to freedom.

The purpose of the Night Watch

  Night Watch

The series ends with Jon Snow, right where he started, banished to live a night in the darkness. Which raises a rather important question – why is there still a night watch at all? The overall purpose of the organization was to protect the Seven Kingdoms from threats to the north. But against what exactly does the Night Watch defend itself since there is peace between Winterfell and the Wildlings and the White Walkers? Will Castle Black only entertain to have a place where all outsiders and criminals can be dumped by Westeros? Or does King Bran suspect that the White Walkers may not have disappeared forever? We'll never know if HBO releases a direct sequel to the series.

The Faceless Men


When was the last time He saw Jaqen Hghar, he watched with amusement and pride as Arya broke off the connection to the Faceless Men and their return journey Westeros took office. It definitely felt like the Faceless Men still played a role in this story. Certainly an organization with supernatural powers and an obsession with the god of death would feed in the final conflict between the living and the dead. But apparently not. We have never seen Arya successfully use her facelifting skills over the past season.

What happened to Jaqen and friends? Did the Faceless Men have a great plan in store, or will they continue to live in the House of Black and White and collect more faces for them? he wall? We may never know.

Which Game of Thrones plot you wanted a solution from? Let us discuss in the comments!

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