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Game Of Thrones S.8, E.2: Summary NPR: NPR

Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) in his cups (fountain, mug, technical) on Game of Thrones .


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Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) in his cups (good, mug, technical) on Game of Thrones .


We recap the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones ; Check out these summaries on Monday morning first. Of course there are many spoilers.

Here it is, folks, the Great Inward Breath.

The premiere of last week was all about setting the table – reunions, accusations, and big, meaty chunks of the conspiracy each in the loop. Now that the table is set, the series decided to take a step back to admire their handiwork – how well they lit the candles and folded the napkins into the shape of swans or what do you have.

Did you notice? Not even a glimpse of a dragon. Only scene after scene of people in rooms that lead conversations – classic, O.G. Thrones though these conversations were associated with an ironic grudge and a carefree thrill of wonder that one of them had made it this far. It was a throwback episode, a bottle episode, a chance to see these characters preparing for the upcoming battle.

After the story points attack last week, this episode seemed measured, even contemplative, as it had only handed out a handful of new information that might prove relevant:

  • The Nightking wants Bran, so they will use it as a three-eyed bait.
  • Jon told Daenerys why he was so auntsy. [19659013] Everyone at Winterfell, who will not fight the army of the dead, is trapped in the Crypts because he is "the safest place" (several characters repeat this, which should highlight all possible red flags). Obviously, none of these characters had any idea that fighting the enemy, whose whole crazy delusion animates corpses, is the least secure place to be a big old body. "Oh no, we're being chased by a guy with a flame thrower! Let's hide in this fireworks shop!"

From now on, the last four episodes will each take about an hour and 20 minutes each. You'll probably be dealing with Dragon Zombie Razzle Blinding. So take some time and appreciate this moment of silence before the ice storm.

At the beginning:

The revised credits take us back through Last Hearth and King's Landing, even though we will not visit them in this episode. No, we're all about Winterfell, who gets some new lines of defense through this passage, and his Godswood clockwork is outfitted with a tree whose face looks awful like Winston Churchill does when you & # 39; in the market for parallels to the Second World War.

We open up a kind of process with Jaime Lannister. Daenerys is everything: "My name is Inigo Montoya, you prepared my father for death", but Tyrion and Brienne vouch for him. Tyrion's requests do not impress Daenerys much. In this entire episode she sees her adviser as a small, persistent stain – but Brienne makes a convincing case by calling the late Catelyn Stark. And when you sit there thinking, "Aw, what a nice moment between Jaime and Brienne sharing one of the most interesting, nuanced relationships in a show full of nuanced, interesting relationships," boy, wait just 45 minutes because damn .

At the end of the scene, there is a bit when Dany says, "What do you say, Warden of the North?" and Jon Snow is all like, "Hm, sorry, I was miles away, thinking about how different would be Aunt Mame when Rosalind Russell and the boy who played Patrick support each other REASON I'm fine, what is the time I have to go . "

Tyrion is royally dressed by Daenerys, as the show implicitly implies something that has been implicit for several seasons – Tyrion is not as smart as he thinks he is. That means he now has to save every episode for a nice, redemptive, great day saving event, so those of us who have been waiting impatiently for the authors to be Tyrion will not have to wait long for Tyrion.

Forward Forging

Arya visits Gendry in Winterfell Forge, where many, many dragon-glass weapons are made. On a nice call, she admires his uh … form, and they share a few jokes. She asks for details about the Army of the Dead, and Gendry proves an inarticulate storyteller ("You're bad, very bad.") Jokingly condescending to Arya while wearing a bad haircut that's why you've heard so many millions of people who are screaming "ARYA YOU DO DO BETTER GIRL" last night at 9:07 pm ET. But the heart wants what it wants, just like the loins, so here we are all, deep in the neck … what do people call it? Ardry? Genya? I like Ardry because it sounds like "tedious" what this particular ship looks like.

Jaime meets Bran in Godswood and Bran is like, "So, pop right now, huh?" and Jaime is everything: "Yes, I wanted a change, I think they frame my face like yours, what do you think?" and Bran is everything "We're just buddy buddies, and buddy's mates hold no grudge for throwing each other out of the tower window!"

Jaime and Tyrion receive a walk-and-talk scene that is wholly or partially intentional. to clarify online questions as to whether Cersei is really pregnant (she is very). Jaime stares down at Podrick and Brienne over several battlements (newly adorned with defensive dragonglass). Jaime and Brienne get a touching exchange in which Jaime asks to serve in the upcoming fight under Brienne, and if that moment between them touches a soft, salty part of you, Hoo Boy, wait only half an hour.

Daenerys and Jorah Mormont Spend some time moving Tyrion's Salvation Arch a few inches down the road. There follows a scene in which Daenerys and Sansa finally have some time on screen, after all – though their conversation is dominated by conversations about Tyrion and Jon Snow, they manage to make the Bechdel test so blatant with so much vigor and verve Aplomb insist that they have to take it again after school. (It's a nice scene, though.) "Say," Daenerys Sansa asks, pointing out that she's on Jon Snow's side in the cold north, if she could be in King's Landing to get a nice one Serve large portion of Cersei. en flambe "Who manipulated whom?" (The fact that she said "who" instead of "who" right there means she was properly raised and deserves the Iron Throne.)

They are interrupted before Daenerys Sansas can answer the question of the fate of the North Battles are over. (It's the first of two episodes in this episode that fate will interrupt them at a crucial time.) Theon reappears and is warmly welcomed by Sansa – very . Surprisingly warm, frankly. Sure, he saved her life. But that did not seem like a hug from "You saved my life".

Crypt-o Currency

Davos serves soup – the color and consistency of hot ketchup – for several farmers preparing to prepare for the upcoming battle Gilly assures someone that the crypts are the safest CLAXON CLAXON CLAXON CLAXON, and we meet a delightful moppet who is likely to be # 1 if the ice zombie Lyanna Stark or whoever crawls out of her grave next week.

Dolorous Edd, Beric Dondarrion, and Tormund return to Winterfell, where the battle preparations are progressing swiftly. Plans have been made in a council of war led around a large map table that is not nearly as cool as Dragonstone's. Well. Plan anyway.

The plan as it is: Go to the Night King. Who, as we learn, has something for Three-eyed ravens. Sam receives a skilful little speech about memory, story and the stories we tell, which makes everyone at the table meaningfully look at each other. Or asking. It's difficult to say.

"We'll take you to the tomb," says Jon Bran (waiting for that!), "Where's the safest." "What a stupid idea, I saw the episode next week," Bran says.

What he says is that he will park his wheelchair in the god's box and wait for the night King is defended there, by Theon. Tyrion wants to fight, but Daenerys orders him to stay safe in the absolutely absolutely safe things.

After the advice, Daenerys tries to connect with Jon, but he disappears, leaving a dust cloud Jon Snow-shaped hole in the wall.

"They have made a strange journey," Tyrion says to the ghastly Goth child, who can see through time and repress the consciousness of wildlife – two skills he honed through the mentorship Max Von Sydow the Half-Tree Wizard. "I would like to hear about it." Then the scene stops and we wonder if Bran told Tyrion alone of his own story or shared a few tidbits about the true identity of Jon Snow.

Further battle preparations. Missandei and Gray Worm are planning a beach vacation. Jon, Sam and Dolorous Edd (plus Jon's Direwolf Ghost!) Breed over the battlements and give the show another chance to break the "Gilly and the little Sam will be in the Crypts". "Think about where we started," says Sam, transforming the episode's episode into text. 19659009 In the Great Hall of Winterfell, Tyrion and Jaime drink by the fire and reflect on how much they have grown as humans. Add to that Brienne, Podrick, Davos and Tormund. (No Varys, which seems like a criminal mistake.) Tormund flirts a bit, tells a story about how he got the name Giantsbane (that's what they pretty much suspected), and demonstrates the kind of table manners that one does Imagining yourself as someone who has lived without a table for most of his life, would have possession.

Arya meets the Hound and Beric Dondarrion on the Battlements of Brooding, and once again the series reminds us of how far these characters have come – suggesting that some or all of them have won The Battle Next Week do not stand. I think Beric's Done delion at least.

Gendry finds Arya in a sort of storage room and gives her the weapon she wanted to build for her. The two catch up and then really . How horizontal. Sweaty And if you've recently brought every episode in preparation for this past season and Maisie Williams, the 13-year-old Maisie Williams season, is fresh in your head, it will make you forgive your eyes at the moment. [19659009 Knight moves

Back in the fireplace chat, Tyrion is drunk. For example, "You know, Bros. I think we could actually be living through the hordes of ice zombies that were led by death itself," drunk.

This is followed by a scene between Jaime and Brienne, fueled by her intricate scenes, commenting and enriching story: Jaime rides Brienne from Tarth. If you can, look at this scene again, and notice how much Gwendoline Christie serves you – the smallest quiver of her lips just is the right moment that But eyes never quite shine well. So much moves between them: strength, gratitude, awe, respect, love. When it's done, everyone applauds, because, I mean … right?

Lyanna Mormont refuses to be sent to the Crypts "where it is safe" (Hey, show? We get it) from her cousin Jorah, because she does of course. Sam presents Jorah the Valyrian steel sword of his family, which is called Heartsbane. (He does not tell Jorah the story of how he got the name Heartsbane, assuming it has nothing to do with someone sucking on someone else's teats.)

Then Podrick sings a sad song that takes you into the The meaning brings The King's Return when Gondor's steward Pippin instructs to make emo-cabaret while he eats loud and sloppy dinner. This becomes a quick montage of our cast of players (including Sansa and Theon turning to steamy mugs of tea with googly eyes, so goodbye to Theon), ending up in the Winterfell crypts that are not in vain. Remarkably remarkably safe

Jon stares at his mother's grave, Lyanna Stark. Daenerys approaches him and he spills the secret-I-a-king-oh-even-we-in-incest-beans. She does not accept it – why should she – but Jon is stuck. So to speak.

You see, it's no secret that the scenes between Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington did not illuminate the screen with hot, hot sex. The show needs them and plows as if they would – but now that the secret is out, this split is likely to disappear. Because the truth is that their chemistry on the screen has always felt more familiar than intended, we are all on the same page now.

Shortly before Jon Daenerys can say what his intentions are: The Iron Throne, the war horns sound, comfortable enough: White Walkers were spotted.

White Riders technically, I think, when we get our first and only special effects shot of the episode – a horde of these pies, icy, long-haired, edgar-winter-looking zombies massaging before Winterfell. No sign of the undead dragon or night king. He's probably still in the latrine because Lord knows he does not have enough Bran. That should change however.

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