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Game of Thrones Season 8: We just heard how Arya killed the Night King

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How did she kill Night King?

Helen Sloan / HBO

Game of Thrones may have ended a week ago, but there are still many unanswered questions .

Fortunately, on Sunday evening, HBO dropped Game of Thrones's eighth-season documentary titled "The Last Watch," which describes the problems and difficulties of filming the world's biggest TV show. During the broadcast, viewers were given a handful of details that illuminated some of the series' biggest moments.

And there's no greater moment than when Arya dropped a blade through the Night King's heart, an organ that the Night King had to live moments before he was to take Bran's head off. How did Arya make that jump? Now we know.

While reading a table at the Battle of Winterfell, Bryan Cogman rushes excitedly through the script as the camera pans across the actor's faces. As he reaches the crucial scene he's discussing, Cogman realizes Arya "jumping off a pile of dead wights" to get through the darkness.

Wait, what? Arya's big jump came from the back of a pile of dead Wights loitering in the Godswood?

We looked at the episode and there were a lot of bodies on the floor.


It's dark in the weir, but there are many bodies to jump from.


The crew and the actors definitely enjoyed the big revelation. It did not seem like anyone cared much about Arya's big killing (at least not like on the internet). Rory McCann, who plays the hound, pumps his fist and Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, smiles.

But of course this explanation did not please everyone.

But there you have it. Arya jumped from a pile of corpses and saved the people's realm. If there were any doubts about how she got the airtime, we know it now. She is now sailing on a boat somewhere west of Westeros. Goes well, regicide.

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