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Game of Thrones: Which weapon did Arya Gendry ask to make a blacksmith?


Is Arya looking for the ultimate weapon?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 8 ̵

1; take a look at our review.

The Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones featured a series of long-awaited characters reunion, and one of the most memorable scenes came when Arya faced her old buddy Gendry. As the audience soon learned, Arya had more than a simple gesture of friendship in mind. She wants Gendry to make her a new weapon. Apparently, two badass weapons are not enough for this trained killer.

What Gendry asks for the blacksmith is still a mystery. Here's a closer look at the blueprint that Arya gave him:

  Gendry Weapon

Judging from this image, Arya seems to want Gendry to forge a spear-shaped weapon or a kind of projectile. An end is clearly referred to as a "kite glass". It is obviously a weapon that can kill white wanderers and wights. Arya already has a Valyrian steel weapon in Littlefinger's Dungeon Dagger, but since she's only fit for close combat, she can look for something that can give her more reach.

The blueprint pattern makes it look like this spear weapon can split into two halves. This would make Arya more versatile in battle and allow her to switch between spear and blade instantly. One of the Season 8 trailers even shows that Arya has something that could be this double-sided weapon.

Weapon Master Tommy Dunne got annoyed with this new weapon in an interview with Vanity Fair and said, "In Season 8, there's a creation that's absolutely phenomenal, it's going to be a showstopper, it was great to finish, it was great to do. It was great to design it so that it would soon be redeveloped and made into two different objects.

This design also shows a rod that is not easy to mount and dismantle, but serves as a throwing weapon While Westeros lacks the technology to craft guns, we imagine talented blacksmiths like Gendry cooking raw projectile weapons with the right materials and blueprints, much like the ballerinas killed by Lannister's favorite crossbows and dragons: Arya wants a weapon that does What a common spear looks like, but it actually allows it to pick an important target and remotely I have to delete a few names. Maybe she will save "the sharp end" for Cersei or the Night King.

Even Daenerys may not be safe considering the frosty reception at Winterfell. A certain irony would be the idea that the mother of the dragons was killed by a gun made of kite glass. The idea that Arya carries a weapon that is both fire (kite glass) and ice (Valyrian steel) fascinates. Is the "Song of Ice and Fire" a song about the death that Arya causes when she unleashes her secret weapon?

The fans have already gone to Reddit to speculate on the nature and purpose of this mysterious weapon, and many agree that Gendry could do this by building Arya – the closest Westeros would to a rifle. User pervity believes the weapon is an Atlatl, an old projectile weapon that essentially uses a rod-like object to throw a spear farther than a human arm can throw. User breezyceezy speculates that Arya will murder Cersei with the gun while she wears Littlefinger's face to be close enough to take her shot. In the meantime, WEB_daboys suggests that Arya plans to shoot Viserion and rob the Nightking of his mightiest weapon.

What do you think Arya lets Gendry build? Is it a bullet weapon or something weirder? And who is she trying to kill? Tell us your theories in the comments below. And to learn more about tonight's new episode, read our review of the Season 8 premiere.

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