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Game of Thrones: Who lives and dies at the Battle of Winterfell?


As if Endgame were not exhausting enough.

Update: For those who follow along with the new episode, we are updating this article as major characters perish. Beware of the big spoilers below!

If you're not already traumatized because you've found out who lives and dies in Avengers: Endgame this weekend, the Night King is ready to turn the knife that Thanos previously dipped into our collective Heart, while Game of Thrones is preparing for an episode that should not be less devastating (when something smaller scale) than the Avengers' last stand.

We have already heard that the so-called "Battle" of "Winterfell" will be the longest consecutive combat sequence ever committed for the film, and that "this last match between the Army of the Dead and the Army of the Living is complete unprecedented and unforgiving, "says producer Bryan Cogman. Maisie Williams said the film, which filmed the Battle of Winterfell, left her "broken like a human," while Iain Glen called it "the most unpleasant experience I've ever done with thrones." Of course we know that it will be awesome .

However, there is a fair chance that many of our favorites will die in this "last match", so we interviewed the IGN staff for their predictions about who will overcome this showdown alive and who in our opinion will definitely be in the Battle of Winterfell will die. First update your memory with the most important players we know are participating in the battle in the slideshow below, and then read our predictions.


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<p>  The true heir to the Iron Throne will have much more to do in the coming battle than his lineage, and we suspect he will survive long enough to end this awkward conversation with his aunt-lover Daenerys as soon as the snow clears. "88.2% of IGN's Coworkers believe that he can survive the Battle of Winterfell alive. </p><div><script async src=


 Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2 Photos

The mother of the dragons must compete against her fallen son Viserion when the Nightking comes to call, but the bomb Jon has just thrown at them will probably be heavy as well, 82.4% of us believe that they will survive the coming battle.


 Helen Sloan - HBO (2)

The Dam Winterfell looks as if she is standing next to her sister on the battlements, instead of hiding in the crypts, and we can count on Arya to protect her, provided they can stay together … 82.4% The IGN team voted to keep them alive through the slaughter.


 Throne Season 8 episode 1 review arya

A girl has often said "not today" before the death god, but she clearly thought her premature death was a possibility when she was in Episode 2 finally responded to their wishes for Gendry With his new weapon and the tricks of the Faceless Men, we hope that their years of training here will be well used. Like her sister, 82.4% of IGN voters believe that the junkie Stark is safe.


 Helen Sloan - HBO (1)

The Spider seems to be seeking refuge in winter crypts during battle. Considering that white wanderers can revive the dead, this may be not the safest place to hide. The odds seem to be roughly in favor of Varys, and we believe that 58.8% of us believe he will whisper another day.


 Game of thrones s8 tyrion blog

As the Queen's hand, Daenerys insisted that Tyrion, despite his desire to stand with the other fighters during the battle, must be protected. Will it be enough to bring him to safety? 75.6% of us believe that.


 dolorous edd

The watchman of this vigil has previously survived many battles alongside Jon Snow, but has his luck gone out? Unfortunately, we believe that 100% of respondents believe Edd is dead.

Update: Dead!



You may have forgotten his name, but "Bronze Yohn" is a respected barderman from House Arryn with plenty of combat experience, but as a subordinate character, 100% of us would be surprised if he does this. it out alive

SER Davos Seewert

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 GILLY </h2>
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She will be hiding in the Crypts of Winterfell along with Little Sam and the other women and children but this strategy could backfire. Nevertheless, 70.6% of us believe that she and little Sam will live.

JAIME LANNISTER [19659041] Helen Sloan – HBO (3) "src =" https://assets1.ignimgs.com/2015/05/27/contentplaceholderpng-967b4c.png "data-original =" https: // oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/stg.ign.com/2019/04/Helen-Sloan-HBO-3-720×480.jpg "width =" 720 "height =" 480 "/>

The formerly arrogant Kingslayer has redeeming himself by knighting Brienne of Tarth and promising to fight in the battle of Winterfell under her command in a glory of fame, but 52.9% of us believe he will survive. [19659011] BRAN STRONG

 Helen Sloan - HBO (7)

The three-eyed Raven wants to lure himself in as a bait in Night King, but there are many ways that his plan goes awry – 58.8% of Believe us, Bran would die in the battle of Winterfell. [/-orolle???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????DieseSeiteDasLichthatdiesenKriegersechsMalwiederbelebtaberohnedenredPriesterThorosvonMyrwürdeerThebattlesofWinterfellreturntonone941%ofthetimethathistimehasexpired

Update: Dead!


 Helen Sloan - HBO (12)

This freshly ridden buddy is one of the series' most experienced fighters, but she will also be in the midst of combat, hoping that the show did not give her this master No connection with Jaime just to kill her. 58.8% of Americans believe that they will keep their oath on another day.



The rousing Lady of Bear Island does not crouch in the crypts with the other women and children, so we hope she's tiny enough to face all attacks to dodge the White Walkers. Fortunately, 75% of us believe that she stays here.

Update: Dead!



Theon has made many mistakes in Winterfell, hoping to save himself by protecting Bran from the other King of Ironbones before the Night King, meaning he possibly perfectly positioned to bring the last victim in the battle to atone for his misdeeds: 64.7% of us believe he will die while defending Bran.

Update: Dead!


 Tormund 1280

Here's in the hope that the milk of this giant keeps this gigantic ginger wildling so sure that he will have a few more episodes with Brienne Flirting, 76.5% of IGNers believe he will die in the battle of Winterfell.

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 Helen Sloan - HBO (17)

Certainly must Sandor Clegane survive long enough to be measured so that his Brother, the mountain, and give us Cleganbowl? Still, there's a lot of fire in the teasers for the Battle of Winterfell … 58.8% of us believe that his fortune will last so we can get the showdown we've been waiting for.


 Helen Sloan - HBO (14)

Robert Baratheon's Bastard finally completed his flirtation with Arya, and he worked hard to build dragon-glass weapons for battle. 52,66% of the opinion 1, with about 2 hours 2,98 to explain our opinion, what to achieve the wrong end of the series.

"Data-original =" https://oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/stg.ign.com/2019/04/640dc141ce98eab47035efac31afadadcf9d665d9d1d57c9b538f09b874a8d3533840b7a62524b4ea6800f91cdbbc017-720×480.jpg "width = "720" height = "480" /> [19659040] Her The relationship with Gray Worm is one of the few good, clean things on this show that worries us that the writers will tear us away. But we get ready for the crazy kids. 52.9% believe that she will survive.

  GRAY WORM </h2>
<div class=  a52b21b96ac43f873806bc3874bef537c58b309d79c7c15b3bde7bf9a021e574d5ba9e373e87253e73c76d30961a5bac

Being at the front, we only hope he returns to Missandei. Unfortunately, our employees are not as optimistic about their chances as they are about Missandeis – 76.5% believe that he will die in the fight.

Samwell Tarly

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If one believes that Fan theories are believed Sam could tell the whole story (and how As he pointed out in Episode 2, he survived a surprising number of battles, one way or another. We believe he is fairly certain, or 52.9% of us do so anyway.


 Ghost Copy

Jon's faithful Direwolf has been MIA for the past two seasons, but he made an appearance with Jon, Sam and Edd in Episode 2, suggesting that he should play a role in the battle I hope the show brings after all this time, he does not back him up just to kill him – but 56.3% of us are worried that this is what will happen.



Daenery's remaining dragons are the best defense of the living against the Night King, and hopefully two against one will hold against Viserion. 70.6% of us believe that Drogon will survive, while Rhaegal's chances are a little worse. He says he will live.



Melisandre is a surprising addition to the list, as there was no indication that she would even take part in the Battle of Winterfell. But she was the last to die last. A new day dawned over Winterfell.

Who do you think will die in the battle of Winterfell, and who is convinced that he will be safe? Share your predictions in the comments and participate in the IGN live and follow-up Game of Thrones Watch Party at 17:30 PT / 20:30 ET.

For more information on Game of Thrones, see our Theory of the Night King's Master Plan and more about our Theory of the Crypts of Winter and here's where this week's episode of Game of Thrones can be streamed.

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