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GameDay Final An inventory of the first week

It's been 280 days since we last enjoyed a slew of college football games, so it's understandable when the fans in Auburn and West Virginia and Notre Dame are a little upset. And in Texas or Washington or Penn State, a little pessimism could set in. But the thing is, we really should not read games too much in a week. Week 1 has a way of deceiving.

Do you remember the breathtaking comebacks of Tennessee and UCLA last season? Both were looking for coaches at the end of the year.

Remember when Texas was back after beating Notre Dame two years ago on the opening weekend? So also the current USF coach Charlie Strong (former coach of Texas).

Or what was it like when Texas A & M surprised Arizona State at the start of the 2015 season? The aggies lost 5 out of 8.

The point is, everything is not what it seems to be after week 1, which is why we're here to sort the stocks you should buy and sell, and you'll need more time to find out.

BUY: Will Grier's Heisman Campaign

It's far too early to write off Bryce Love (18 carries, 29 yards against San Diego State), and Jonathan Taylor (145 yards and two TDs against Western Kentucky) was solid enough in an opening victory, but it's clear that Griers case will be a more emphatic one. Nobody will confuse Tennessee's defense for 2017 Alabama, but Jeremy Pruitt knows how to tackle a good QB, and Grier made the volunteers so silly. He finished the game – a return to his hometown Charlotte – completed 25 of 34 passes for 429 yards and five touchdowns, and if not for a few drops, his numbers would have been even better.

HOLD: Penn States Opportunities in the Big Ten

Make no mistake, no one should feel comfortable in Happy Valley after an hour-over win over the Appalachian State, but it's not yet the end of the world. No, that's not the same Penn State team as last year. It's clear that the losses of Saquon Barkley, Joe Moorhead and others had a big impact on the Lions offensive (just 230 yards on 36 passes … yikes!), But let's keep some perspective. The defense had a bad quarter, not a bad game. Over three quarters of App State's only touchdown came on a kick return. Second, the schedule is still incredibly responsive. Penn State gets Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin at home. And although it's quite possible, Week 1 did not tell us much about these teams, it's not as if Michigan State or Michigan looks good.

Alabama started the season in familiar fashion with a big win over Louisville. Stephen M. Dowell / Orlando Sentinel / TNS / Getty Images

SALE: Clap-talk-Alabama

Dez Fitzpatrick said that Louisville's receivers could win any match against Alabama's side-winner. He finished with three catches. Lukayus McNeil said if the Louisville line is playing its potential, it could dominate the Tide's front seven. The cards ended with 16 yards. Bobby Petrino told Boostern he really believed Louisville would win. It did not do it. Look, none of that should really be Trash Talk. Should they say they wanted to lose? But even if every member of Alabama's team took an ambien before the kick-off, the Tide would still have been a big favorite. So why infect the bear? Head down, mouth shut, hoping to come out alive.

BUY: Matt Canada's Head Coaching Potential

Who knows where Maryland's season goes from here? The Terps also opened last season with a win over Texas and it was not much in the long run. But that was different in many ways. Head coach DJ Durkin is suspended. The last few months have been emotional turmoil for the players. And the game started on Saturday with another emotional moment when the Terps compete without a real guard to honor their late teammate Jordan McNair. And yet Canada – as an interim coach – had a plan for everything. It was not a flawless game plan, but this is not a flawless team. Canada grabbed all these emotions and steered it perfectly to the task ahead. Even as Texas cranked out the momentum before half-time, Canada gathered its players, who delivered an impressive surprise over the Longhorns. For the coach, who was fired by two different offensive coordinator jobs in the past three seasons, it was a statement about the respect he has already received from his players and the ability to judge the ship.

SELL: Oklahoma gives ground into the Big 12

Who steps in to challenge Oklahoma's dominance? Texas Tech was pollinated by Ole Miss, and this defense still has a long way to go. Texas has embarrassingly lost to Maryland. Kansas State did not look particularly sharp against South Dakota. Oklahoma State was … okay. Meanwhile, Kyler Murray looked like he was not ready to focus on baseball in the near future. The Sooners striker played less than half in a win over Florida Atlantic, with Murray averaging 19 yards per round, Rodney Anderson hit 100 yards on the floor with just five transfers, and the defense kept Lane Kiffin's explosive crew at just 4.4 yards per carry. Of course, TCU and West Virginia will get their recordings, but it's hard to leave from the first week and think that anything but the Sooners are the clear favorites. Oh, and that's bad news for …

SELL: Pac-12's Playoff Hopes

It's not just that Washington lost to Auburn. It is true that this would have been a non-conference victory for the league and its best team, and it is also true that the Huskies had a chance to win. But it did not happen, and now there is really no clear chance to change the narrative the rest of the way. UCLA will be shooting in Oklahoma next week, but that probably will not end well. Stanford faces Notre Dame in Week 5 and is basically a must. The problem is, there's already a story the Pac-12 needs to fight, and every missed opportunity gets bigger and bigger. Add that Oklahoma looked good – making the Big 12 at least one potential challenger to the playoff – and it's already a tough fight for the Pac-12, with few opportunities to take a big step forward.

HOLD: Notre Dames playoff hopes

The Irish beat Michigan, but there's still a long way to go before we start playing the playoff. Brandon Wimbush got off to a fantastic start and completed 8 of 11 passes for 138 yards and a touchdown (47 yards) on his first four rides. Obviously, he has changed the side of the inconsistency of the last year, right? Well, the rest of the game did not go so well. Wimbush finished 4 of 11 for 32 yards and had a pick, and Notre Dame's last seven drives totaled a field goal, five punts and sales. That does not mean that this was not a big advantage for Notre Dame overall, but Michigan's clumsy insult is not new, and the Irish still have appointments with Stanford, Virginia Tech, Northwestern, Florida State and USC, which demand more from Wimbush a good one Quarter. Call us cautiously optimistic.

SELL: Shea Patterson as Michigan's Savior

Ole Miss looked good without him. Michigan looked like old Michigan with him. What does that mean for Patterson? Maybe it's too early to give up the guy after a game, but let's just say that the story here is not on his side. The silver lining is John O & # 39; s Grain, Tate Forcier and Jake Rudock run a wonderful self-help group with light snacks and tea.

BUY: The Ongoing Clemson QB Battle

Dabo Swinney called his starter, and indeed, Kelly Bryant was the first quarterback on the field Saturday in a blowout victory over Furman , But Trevor Lawrence got all the snapshots from the second quarter, and after a bumpy start, the real freshman looked almost ready to rise to the throne. Lawrence came up with a bit too much adrenaline and lacked a little touch on a few early throws, but he finished his day six of his last seven throws, completing for 97 yards and three touchdowns. The only incompleteness was a touch-pass into the end zone, which was caught just outside the borders. After the game, Swinney said he did not see enough of both QB's to dramatically change his position in the battle, but it's also clear that Clemson can not keep Lawrence on the bench. The showdown in Texas A & M next week should be very interesting.

ORDER: Boston College as contender

The Eagles were the sexy preseason Cinderella, though it's difficult to buy someone who really urges Clemson for the ACC Atlantic. But the crew of Steve Addazio looked really good in a dominant win over UMass. OK, yes, it was just UMass. BC already has a Heisman challenger in the backcourt in AJ Dillon, but on Saturday QB Anthony Brown showed he was cured of a knee injury that ended his 2017 season early, throwing four touchdowns in the first half. No BC quarterback had ever beaten four TDs in a winning attempt since Matt Ryan in 2009. So if BC can move the ball through the air and pass it to Dillon 30 times? Yes, that has what it takes to be a real challenger.

HOLD: Chip Kelly's Death

It's been a long time since we saw Kelly look like a genius, and Saturday has suggested little else. But let's sag him a bit – his QB went down early, his receivers dropped a ton of balls, and none of his players hit as he did on his last college debut. But here's the thing we can not shake up: UCLA only ran 68 games. That's at least a dozen fewer than Kelly probably wants.

BUY: Boise State as the Best of the Group of Five

The Broncos traveled 2,200 miles to face the defending Sun Belt champions, and it was never close. Boise State hung 56 on Troy, an astonishing number, as the Trojans were allowed to allow no more than 21 to an opponent at home last year. And while Boise State looked dominant, some of the other big names in the group of 5 – FAU, Houston, San Diego State – fought. So there is still a long way to go, but we are looking forward to seeing a guy from Boise order an airplane to fly an alien flagship in 2019.

SELLING: Weather Delays and Cancellations

Come on, Mother Nature. We have been waiting so long. Instead, Iowa State is canceled, West Virginia and Tennessee are delayed and Nebraska … why would you do that to the poor Huskers fans? Did not they suffer enough?

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