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gang smuggles iPhones blasted with drones to China

The Chinese authorities have arrested a gang that was illegally smuggling $ 500 million ($ 79.5 million) worth of iPhones into the country with drones, the media reported.

"The customs authorities in Shenzhen have cracked a criminal network that smuggled imported electronic products over the unmanned overhead line, commonly known as the" flying line "in Shenzhen-Hong Kong border area," Legal Daily reported late on Friday.

A total of 26 suspects were arrested in connection with the case.

Authorities said the gang used drones to hang two 200-meter cables between buildings on either side of the border. Bags with smartphones were connected to the cables and moved to CNN in Shenzhen.

This comes soon after an incident in which drones were illegally flown over an airport in southwest China and caused chaos for local air traffic.

It is noteworthy that it is not uncommon to find people trying to smuggle iPhones into China.

In February, a 43-year-old Chinese citizen living in the US pleaded guilty to being involved in a fake activity in China fake iPhones and iPads for users in the country.



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