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Genesis & # 39; Essentia is an electric GT with an incredibly retro-futuristic "bubble" roof

Presumably, anyone who grew up with donkey ear copies from Popular Science assumed that we would drive around in self-driving cars and view the passing scenery through glass or plastic bubble canopies. The self-propelled car part is playing out right now, but the glass or plastic bubble part seems to have remained in the wastebasket. Well, here is the Genesis Essentia, a fully electric performance concept with a transparent bonnet and a completely retro-futuristic bubble roof.

The Essentia, which made its world debut on Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show, is breathtaking and sexy. And it has all the imaginative features of a concept that suits the luxury branding: super-light, deep-seated carbon fiber monocoque body; Butterfly doors that are opened with a fingerprint sensor or biometric facial recognition; and a battery-powered engine that Genesis says can sprint to 60 mph in three seconds.

This is the first Genesis electric vehicle, but there is no word as to whether and when the Essentia will go into production. The concept is clearly Genesis' efforts to keep pace with supercars like the BMW i8 and Mercedes-Benz Project One. Last year, the Hyundai-owned automaker unveiled a luxury-powered hydrogen SUV, the GV80.

Genesis vehicles are rarer in the US: Only 1

00 dealers have the automaker's cars. But the luxury brand is highly regarded in the automotive industry. Last year, Genesis sold 20,612 vehicles in the US, up 12 percent from 2016.

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