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Genesis shows "Turning Point" Battery Car: N.Y. Auto Show Update

News from the New York International Auto Show usually reflects what Tristaters buy: luxury models and imported brands. This year will not be different, albeit with a twist. The 2018 show will be a major one for Detroit's premium lines, with General Motors Co. Cadillac and Ford Motor Co. Lincoln unveiling crucial new SUVs. Japanese automakers will also launch redesigns of two of the industry's largest sellers, the Toyota RAV4 and Nissan Altima.

We will offer you developments throughout the day. All times are in New York.

Genesis Introduces All-Electric Essentia Concept (1

Genesis unveiled the car that paves the way for Hyundai's own luxury brand: the Essentia.

The all-electric Coupe consists of an extremely light and low-lying carbon fiber monocoque and has a battery-powered engine, which brings in 3 seconds to 60 mph.

The Hyundai Genesis Essentia

Photographer: Mark Kauzlarich / Bloomberg

Vice President Manfred Fitzgerald promised last month that the concept will be remembered as a "watershed moment" for the brand.

In recent years, Genesis has revealed the New York a number of concepts that are aimed at luxury competitors such as the BMW AG and the Acura Division of Honda Motor Co. To compete in the upscale area, Genesis wants to separate its showrooms in the US from those of its mother Hyundai Motor Co. The automaker plans to sell only about 100 dealers to sell Genesis and upset some of the 750 operating without these high-end deals

Subaru casts a shadow over rival driverless claims (14:45 pm)

Subaru Corp. unveiled the fifth iteration of its ranger, and it plays off the security features at a auspicious time . The compact SUV comes standard with driver assistance technology, and top models offer a new feature that warns drivers when distracted or tired on the road.

Photographer: Michael Noble Jr./Bloomberg

"It detects the driver's face, so if you look away for a second or two, it will warn you, and if you do not look at the eyes, the system actually intercepts to work on our EyeSight system to prevent any kind of crash, "said Tom Doll, president of Subaru of America, to reporters after the unveiling of the model.

This type of connection between driver and car is important, but no apology for drivers ruthless, said Doll.

"You can not take your eyes off the road, despite what some manufacturers might say about their systems," he said when asked about the recent accident involving an autonomous car. "They're trying to get them to market too much, and we'll do it in a clever way: we'll make sure our customers are safe, we'll try to prevent collisions first, and from there we'll take it . "

Lexus Telling Bosses: Join the LF-1 (14:40)

US Executives The luxury brand of Toyota Motor Corp. sends clear and concise message to the Japanese headquarters about the LF-1 Limitless Crossover Concept, first unveiled in January: this model must go into production

Photographer: Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg

"Es there will be no misunderstanding about our interest in the vehicle, "said Jeff Bracken, Lexus' Group Vice President, in an interview. The brand's dealers are demanding a flagship for sport utility vehicles that would rise over 85,380 LX, he said.

"Land Rover, Range Rover, they are doing really well in some of these price ranges," said Bracken. "We believe we can do that too."

Hyundai plays crossover catch-up (12:45 pm) [194559006] Hyundai Motor Co. has been struggling to cope with the sea change in the US auto market toward SUVs at the expense of limousines. Some of the eight new or revised models promised by 2020 debut at the Javits Center.

Photographer: Michael Noble Jr. / Bloomberg

The South Korean carmaker has nipped the compact Tucson and packed it with more advanced security features, including a standard collision avoidance system. The outdated Santa Fe SUV, which was first revealed in Geneva this month, also reached a show on American shores for the first time, along with an electric version of the Kona Crossover that boasted about 250 miles of battery range.

Cadillac Could Cross Key China Sales Threshold (11:22 am)

The Cadillac XT4, which GM showed late Tuesday, will hit the market in the fourth quarter, said GM's chief executive officer Mary Barra at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Auto Summit takes place next to the Auto Show.

Photographer: Michael Noble Jr./Bloomberg

Cadillac has focused on upgrading its product range and making better use of the world's fastest-growing luxury market: China

"This is really a very important volume hub for Cadillac, "said Barra. Cadillac is likely to sell more than 200,000 vehicles in the country this year, she predicted.

VW shows surprise pickup truck concept (10:32 clock)

The Volkswagen AG surprised trade fair visitors in New York City with a pickup prototype In addition to the already raised five-seater Atlas variant was revealed at the event.

Photographer: Mark Kauzlarich / Bloomberg

The double cab short tail pickup – called Atlas Tanoak – is based on an extended wheelbase version of the SUV, with which it shares its name. The concept relies on high-gloss 20-inch wheels, a hinged tailgate, a touchscreen infotainment system and seating for five people.

Source: Volkswagen AG

But VW fans who are looking for a truck should not be too excited: There are currently no production plans for the Tanoak, said the German carmaker. "Volkswagen is eager to gauge buyer and media reactions as pickups are one of the largest volume segments in the US," the company said in a statement.

Nissan Rolls Out New Altima (9:45) 19659006] Nissan Motor Co. unveiled a revised altima for a mid-size sedan segment that has already dropped 15 percent this year and could continue falling

To try over to stay in the fight, Nissan will offer its ProPilot Assist technology that helps drivers remain on the highway in their lanes and keep a certain distance to the car ahead even in stop-and-go traffic. It also carries a new traffic sign recognition system, an offer that is becoming more and more commonplace as more automakers add it to their safety suites.

Dan Mohnke, Nissan's US sales chief, says he expects the Altima to get a boost because

"With the all-new Altima we want to win more US customers – especially the Generation Y and Z Generation drivers," says Denis Le Vot, chairman of Nissan North America, said when the car was unveiled on stage. "They demonstrate a strong appetite for sedans and demand the latest technology in their cars."

Photographer: Michael Noble Jr./Bloomberg

Toyota's aging RAV4 gets big makeover (12:01)

Toyota has been taking the wraps since the first overhaul of the bestseller
RAV4 crossover since 2013, with updates including better ones Aerodynamics and the ability to read traffic signs.

The RAV4 outperformed every other car and SUV in the US last year. The redesigned model gets wider and improves ground clearance compared to the previous version. It will go on sale this year, with hybrid versions – including a new sports hybrid option – in the spring of 2019.

Photographer: Mark Kauzlarich / Bloomberg

Ford launches Aviator as a new three-row SUV (12:01)

Ford retires the Lincoln Aviator and lends the luxury brand a three-row, medium-sized SUV run for the first time since hiring its predecessor in 2005 after three years.

The new Aviator is designed to attract wealthy millennials who are eliminated by aggressively shaped alternatives. When it arrives at dealerships next year, it will be used right under the brutal navigator.

Source: Ford Motor Co.

Built on a new rear-wheel drive platform that will also underpin the next generation Ford Explorer, the Aviator is powered by a twin-turbo engine that comes with an optional plug-in hybrid Electric motor can be paired. Its design was inspired by the slope of an airplane wing.

"There is an overwhelming sense of masculinity, openness and aggression in the marketplace from competitors," said David Woodhouse, Lincoln's chief designer, at a news conference in New York this week ahead of Wednesday's release. "We want to be about seduction, not about attack."

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