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George Clooney killed for "Brunei Hotel" in "Real Time with Bill Maher"

While rights practitioners usually suffer the worst punishment in a typical one-hour episode of HBO's Realtime with Bill Maher (19459004), the progressive movement of George Clooney in Barrel Maher and guests SE Cupp and Andrew was noticed tonight Sullivan criticized the star for a boycott of hotels in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air. The luxury properties belong to the Sultan of Brunei, the nation that is about to enact legislation that will condemn anyone who is gay or adultererous to death. (Democratic Republican Elissa Slotkin of Michigan and former New York Attorney General Preet Bharara were on Real Time however, remained outside the Clooney War.)

In an exclusive guest column on Deadline, Clooney argued that Hollywood is Able to exert constructive pressure to combat unsightly human rights abuses, the possibility that homosexuals may be stoned legally. "Every time we stay in one of these nine hotels or hold meetings or dine, we put money right in the pockets of men who choose to steal their own citizens and beat them to death because they are gay or are charged with adultery, "he wrote.

Maher called Clooney's trouble "chicken joke tokenism", what about Saudi Arabia? If you really want to come back, stop driving. Do not use oil. "

Sullivan complained that" not everything has to be filtered through a political lens. … We should not dictate our lives like a religion according to the dictates of awakening. It destroys the vitality of a free society. "

Cupp said she had the same kind of criticism of Bahrain and the connection to LA's luxury hotels when she was in 201

4." It's totally hypocritical, "she said. "It's also the United Arab Emirates, where Hollywood does a lot of business."

If you are serious about talking about injustice: "Do not go to a cocktail party with MBS," said Sullivan, referring to Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. After a stormy hug by studio moguls and a series of entertaining characters, the leader was linked to a series of tyrannical behavior and the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Middle East. He has filmed a movie about it with the name Syriana "said Maher.

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