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George H.W. Bush dead at 94

Bush was born in privilege and tradition of service and was a son of a senator. He celebrated World War II fighter pilot, student athlete, Texas Oilman, a Republican congressman, party leader, and a pioneer chief. After his 1980 presidential election campaign expired, he served two terms as Ronald Reagan's vice president before winning the presidential election of 1988 and defeating Democrat Michael Dukakis.

After losing the White House in 1992, Bush became a well-respected political elder who jumped out of planes to mark milestones on his birthday. He emphasized the generosity of his soul and made a close and unlikely friendship with Democrat Bill Clinton, the man who ended his presidency. When Parkinson's disease mostly silenced him in public, Bush showed his sense of humor with colorful, striped socks.

Bush's death comes after his 73-year-old wife Barbara Bush died on 1

7 April at the age of 92. Bush was portrayed in a wheelchair looking at the flower-covered casket of his wife in a moment that enveloped her lifelong love affair

Bush, the first vice-president to be elected president since 1836, was only the second person in the US history when his own son followed in the footsteps of his president when George W. Bush was elected in 2000.

In addition to the 43rd President, Bush is survived by his son Jeb, the former governor of Florida and presidential candidate of 2016; Sons Neil and Marvin; Daughter Dorothy; and 17 grandchildren. His daughter Robin died as a child of leukemia, a tragedy that still moved Bush deeply in his life. He is buried with her and the former First Lady in his presidential library at College Station, Texas.

Funeral arrangements will be announced later, Bush spokesman Jim McGrath said.

When Bush left office in 1993, he joined the dubious club of presidents, who were rejected by voters after just one term. A career full of top jobs preparing him for the presidency was interrupted in his prime.

He lost to Clinton after failing to shake off his image as a reinvigorating Yankee who had not known the struggles of the Heartlands in America during an economic downturn. [19659002] But over time, his foreign policy acumen defined itself to define his presidency, leaving a legacy of a wise and sure action of world affairs.

The First Gulf War in Persia

Bush, along with National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft and Secretary of State James Baker, succeeded in gently landing the Cold War as the Soviet empire collapsed and Germany reunited and then prospered – despite widespread mistrust at the time of its history and its motivations.

Another dangerous foreign policy test, Bush decided in 1990 to build a diverse international coalition of more than 400,000 US troops to expel Iraqi troops from Kuwait.

"This will not last, this aggression against Kuwait," Bush swore, before preparing for a successful mission that would unite US allies in Europe and the Middle East in a blitzkrieg.

Later, when the Iraqi forces were defeated, Bush decided not to push to Baghdad. Saddam Hussein This instinct later seemed to be forward-looking, as the United States had a high blood and resource use in its own war against Iraq ,

The 1990s Gulf War was the first time that the world learned of the United States' huge leaps in precision weapons, and ushered in a brief era of undisputed American hegemony following the subdued confidence of the post-Vietnam War.

Earlier, Bush had also ordered US troops to invade Panama after a decommissioned navy was killed by dictator-killed forces Manuel Noriega. The troop quickly overwhelmed the men of Noriega, and he was overthrown within just four days. Later, he was sentenced to 40 years in the US for drug abuse.

Bush also had to maintain a close line with China and impose sanctions following a 1989 government attack on Tiananmen Square in Beijing, as well as to prevent a lasting break in relations. Also under his observation, Washington supported the early diplomacy between Israel and the Palestinians that led to the Oslo Accords in the Clinton presidency.

Perception of being out of touch at home

But Bush's success abroad has been to carry a cross at home. The voters seemed to give the impression that he was more interested in the world stage than in their economic struggles.

His failure to link was encapsulated by an incident in which his fascination for a supermarket scanner sparked a mockery during his re-election campaign in 1992

Former adjutants insist today on Bush's report from the New York Times was abused about the incident, which resulted in a misinterpretation of a pool report as a result.

But in another incident, Bush tightened his imagination When he saw the clock in a presidential debate in the style of a town hall, he was embarrassed when a woman asked how he personally was affected by the bad economy. Bush was often criticized for lacking an overarching political philosophy, calling himself angry by complaining about "the vision thing."

"Read my lips"

He succeeded in undermining himself with powerful GOP Conservatives by breaking his famous 1988 promises of the 1988 GOP Convention: "Read my lips: None new taxes. "

On Election Day, with the vote being fragmented by third-party candidate and billionaire businessman Ross Perot, Bush led only 18 states and barely 37% of the vote.

In many ways, Bush paid a price for clumsy presentation skills. Even before his presidential campaign in 1988, there were questions about his political strength. The Newsweek magazine, which had immense power in the days before social media to dictate political tales in the media, published a cover story asking whether the president was affected by the "wimp factor."

The Texas Treasurer Ann Richards had jeered at Bush's political and educational political style. Bush was born "with a silver foot in his mouth".

Other incidents in Bush's presidency entered popular culture. Once he caused a brief panic when he collapsed at a national dinner in Japan. He blamed the embarrassment for a stomach disease. In 1990, he banned broccoli for Air Force One and said he had hated it since childhood.

As a senior statesman, he remained calm in public

. Bush disappeared during the Clinton years, but was pushed back into the limelight – and became the subject of a barrage of amateur psychology – when his son ran for president in 2000.

When his son took office, those who expected a restoration of Bush's old ways were disappointed. The new president responded to the September 11, 2001 attacks by rejecting his father's internationalism and embracing the neo-conservative doctrine of preventive warfare.

There was much speculation about what Bush thought of his son's actions in Iraq, especially afterward. Some of his foreign policy lieutenants went public with criticism of US policy.

But the older Bush remained silent in public, even though he was outraged when the Democrats branded George W. Bush a "liar" at his 2004 re-election. 19659002] The attacks on his other son, Jeb, who sustained an injured primary fight in 2016 against Donald Trump, later GOP candidate and 45th President, caused him deep personal pain.

Sources said the older Bush voted for Hillary Clinton, Trump's Democratic rival.

Both former Bush presidents called to congratulate Trump soon after the New York businessman's victory over Clinton. In one of his last political acts, Bush wrote to Trump apologizing that he could not attend his inauguration because of his poor health.

But in many ways, the heinous election of 2016 was a deterrent decision by the courtly, old-fashioned policy that George HW practiced Bush, who wrote handwritten notes to friends, former political allies and enemies and even reporters, late into his life, who would write about his presidency. He counted Democrats among his closest friends, and his death marks not only the death of a president, but also a reminder of a past era of greater courtesy in Washington.

The hero of World War II became Texas Oil Prospector

. Born in Massachusetts on June 12, 1924, George HW Bush was the son of the wealthy Wall Street banker and future Senator Prescott Bush and Dorothy Bush.

He was after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor and at the age of 18 the youngest Marine pilot flew combat missions from the aircraft carrier USS San Jacinto. As a "flyboy" in the Pacific War, Bush flew 58 combat missions and won the Distinguished Flying Cross.

A mission in September 1944 was almost his last. Bush's air wing attacked a radio installation on the tiny Japanese island of Chichi Jima. During the raid, his plane was hit and as flames licked around the cockpit, Bush ordered the aircraft to leave. The corpses of his crews, Ted White and John Delaney, were never found. After Bush desperately paddled his lifeboat off the island and was sent by Japanese boats to capture him, he was miraculously rescued by a US submarine.

It took decades for Bush to speak publicly about his war experiences. 19659002] "It was only part of my duty People say 'war hero' How come that a guy who shot down his plane is a hero and a guy that is good enough that He is not shot down, is not he? "Bush told CNN in 2003.

Later in his life, the former president's heroism was recognized when the Navy named a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier after him.

Upon returning from the Pacific, Bush visited Yale University, where he was a well-known athlete, and then went west with his new wife, Barbara Pierce, to establish himself as a former oil explorer in Texas.

Politics boomed in the mid-1960s and Bush ran for the US Senate, but lost. However, in 1966 he was on the way to gain a seat in the House of Representatives.

Chosen by President Richard Nixon as United Nations envoy, Bush later served as chairman of the Republican National Committee's Watergate scandal.

He then became one of the few prominent Westerners who came to China, which had been closed to outsiders for decades. Bush headed the US Liaison Office in Beijing, the precursor to the US Embassy. Later he described his experiences, including traveling by bike in the Chinese countryside, in diaries published in 2008.

In 1976, Bush became chief of the CIA. He only had the job for a year, but was so well remembered that the agency later named their headquarters in Langley, Virginia, after him, and he would later say that this was his favorite job.

In 1980, Bush stood as a candidate for the GOP nomination and challenged former California governor Ronald Reagan to suggest that what he said was his enemy's "voodoo economic policy".

After a sometimes fierce campaign, Reagan won and briefly flirted with former President Gerald Ford 19659002 [194559002]

"Nothing Self-Conscious in My Country Love"

After Reagan resigned in 1989 and lost his popularity on a High, Bush was the ideal place to claim the nomination and presidency.

"Although I'm not the most eloquent, I learned early on that Eloquence is not pulling oil out of the ground," Bush said in his 1988 convention speech.

"I'm a bit awkward at times, but there's nothing self-confident in my love for the country – I'm a quiet man – but I hear the quiet people that others do not," Bush said, vowing for a "better America." to fight for an endless dream and a thousand points of light.

It's ironic It was not until he retired that many Americans began to gain insight into the characteristics that might have given him a second term.

When he refused to bow to advancing age, he marked his 75th, 80th, 85th, and 90th birthdays by skydiving, with the money for charity. His main causes were literacy, cancer research, and volunteerism, and he and Barbara Bush would raise more than $ 1 billion for charity in the years following the White House.

He and Clinton became close friends after working together in 2004 after the tsunami disaster in Asia and the following year after Hurricane Katrina.

"It was an amazing experience, this man, whom I have always liked and respected, and ran against him … I literally loved," Clinton said in 2011. President Barack Obama gave Bush the same year Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Politics never completely out of politics

Several seizures of illness and advanced age have brought Bush out of the limelight in recent years, and he has rarely made public statements.

But in November 2014, he was in the wheelchair audience when George W. Bush published a biography titled "41: A Portrait of My Father."

The younger Bush confessed that he "wanted Dad to live" when the book came out.

In 2017, several women accused Bush of having inappropriately touched them during photo projects, and called on his spokesman to release a statement stating that "Bush occasionally patted the women of the woman in a kind-hearted manner," and apologized to anyone he apologized for offended.

The elder Bush has revealed several of them Before suffering from Parkinson's disease, he was unable to walk anymore and used a wheelchair or scooter to move around.

Bush suffered later in his He was hospitalized for alleged shortness of breath for a precautionary assistant in December 2014. The following July, he fell at his home in Kennebunkport, Maine, and broke the C2 vertebrae in his neck Injury has not led to any neurological problems, his spokesman said at the time.

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CNN's Jamie Gangel contributed to this report.

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