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George Papadopoulos: I knew the Mueller probe was a "joke" was, but they were forbidden to speak out

Trump's former foreign policy advisor, George Papadopoulos, clarified the "misinformation" about his guilty claim in the Russia investigation and said the whole thing was "essentially fabricated" by Western intelligence.

The 31-year-old, who pleaded guilty to making false statements to FBI agents in October 2017, told Fox & Friends that he knew the investigation by Robert Mueller was a "joke." that he can only express himself after his conviction.

"There was so much misinformation about what my real case was about. It was a professor I met in London, and the FBI said the world was a Russian agent, "he said. Ex-CIA Director John BRENNAN admits he may have "bad information" regarding the President and Russia

Papadopoulos spoke about Joseph Misfud, whom the FBI as a senior Russian agent with connections to senior officials Russian officials had called. In September 201

8 he was declared missing by Italian officials.

"I met this man via an intermediary representing the FBI in the UK, and I met him at a university in Rome. I never thought that guy was a Russian agent, "said Papadopoulos. "One day this person tells me that the Russians have Hillary Clinton's emails out of the blue. I do not believe him This was not a credible person.

Papadopoulos said this meeting and a subsequent "bizarre" meeting with Alexander Downer, the Australian top diplomat in the UK, where he commented on the claim that Russia had Clinton's e-mails, sparked the FBI's investigation into Trump's presidential campaign ,

"Actually, I was the one who downered both the FBI and Bob Mueller because of his very bizarre, strange behavior during my meeting with him. He pulled out his phone, he drew me up. It was very bizarre, "he said.


Papadopoulos, who served 14 days in a federal prison in Wisconsin He said he was more than 20 hours long when officials allegedly tried to "admit" him that he had told someone in Trump's presidential campaign about his meetings with Misfud.

would have been a conspiracy, but it should have been based on western intelligence services that essentially fabricated the whole thing, "he said. "When I talk to Müller's people and they try to say something that I know is not true, I just could not. I had to stick to the facts, the truth.


. Papadopoulos has now come out in his new book "Deep State Target: How I'm Trapped in the Conspiracy Crosshair to Overthrow President Trump."

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