Conservatives in the Georgia Senate have a message to Delta Air Lines: renew your relationship with the National Rifle Association or pay the price.

The State House had approved a tax allowance that could bring $ 40 million benefit to the airline, but members of the Senate vowed to fight the deal after Delta lowered its reduced tariffs Saturday for members of the NRA. [LtGovernorCaseyCagleaRepublicanvowedMondayeverytaxbreakforDeltawhichhasitsheadquartersinAtlantatokilliftheairlinedoesnotreviveitsrebateprogram

"Corporations can not attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back," says Cagle

Senator Rick Jaffares said the break was worth $ 40 million that he would direct the charges against him, "Delta's attack on the NRA and our 2nd amendment is unacceptable. "

Delta announced on On Saturday it joined at least 10 companies in the termination of its rebate agreement with the NRA, and asked the firearms group to remove their logo from the group's website. Other groups that make connections include MetLife and Hertz. @Delta updates statement on the termination of NRA rebate on annual meeting @DeltaNewsHub

– Delta News Hub (@DeltaNewsHub) February 25, 2018