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German air taxi completes first test flight successfully

An electric air taxi prototype from Lilium Jet successfully hovered over the ground during its maiden flight in Oberpfaffenhofen, a Bavarian village in Germany.

The five-seat EV weighs about one-and-a-half tons and in this first test, no problems occurred when the mouse pointer was held over a fixed point.

The next step will be to try more complex maneuvers and actually move forward, as reported by Spiegel.

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These flying taxis should be commercially viable in at least two German cities by 2025 and use 36 embedded in the wings E-Jet engines. They will also be very quiet and "able to fly at 300 km / h for an hour," said co-founder of the company, Daniel Wiegand.

"The Lilium plane tends to be cheaper than a helicopter because there is almost no mechanics and it consumes only one tenth of the energy," he added. Wiegand also wants his company to operate all the flying taxis on their own booking platform.

"I rule out that we sell the plane to wealthy individuals or companies, and the goal is that many citizens book flights with us. for prices like a taxi.

The five-piece Lilium Jet, based on a two-seat test model, will continue to be remotely controlled during test flights. However, once it goes into operation in 2025, it will first be flown by a pilot to simplify things in terms of licenses and approvals.

"In ten years' time, it might be able to fly autonomously," the company boss concluded.

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