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The Lausitzring lights up for Tesla

Saturday, 20.10.2018

On Thursday, around 400 people sent a signal to heaven to attract Tesla.

  Around 400 people sent a light signal from Lausitzring to the sky on Thursday night. With this they want to attract Tesla.
Around 400 people sent a light signal from Lausitzring to the sky on Thursday night. With this they want to attract Tesla.

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9.20 o'clock, he pressed Lilly (5) from Saxony and Neela (12) from Brandenburg on the red button. They launched six large spotlights that sent a beam of light one meter long into the sky. Surrounded by hundreds of flashlights and smart phone lights. "Welcome Tesla" called about 400 people a night.

They wanted to send a signal from Lausitzring in Klettwitz, in the south of Brandenburg, to Elon Musk, the head of the American electric car manufacturer Tesla. He has announced that he wants to build a giant factory, that is, a large electric vehicle factory in Europe. And nachgeschoben by the Twitter news service, the preferred location is Germany. Especially the border region with Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. But the south of Brandenburg Ralf Henkler and Jens Taschenberger thought that also the Lausitz would be a good place for it. And as the two, who prefer a director of the Cottbus-Niederlausitz economic region in the middle class association, the other owner of an events and media agency, instead of speaking, organized a welcome action at the racecourse.

Its owner, Dekra Automobil GmbH, made it possible, "which is an absolute exception," says Jens Taschenberger of the agency "Zwei Helden" of Cottbus. 24 specially equipped Tesla vehicles were allowed to make their rounds in a convoy, as well as offer test trips, and hundreds of visitors were able to populate the pit's den area, face the grape, light the lamps and call "Welcome Tesla" .

The same Lausitzring is one of the reasons for a factory in the region, according to Taschenberger. Dekra is setting up a high-performance mobile telephony network for autonomous driving, a focus of Tesla. In the Czech Republic, relatively close, there is a deposit of lithium with an estimated capacity of 330 kilotons. A Tesla electric car requires up to 40 kilograms of lithium. There is also enough energy available for the production of electric vehicles in Lusatia, even if the lignite is burned by it.

For all the hope of Tesla, the financial power of the group is rather daring. In the second quarter, the company more than doubled its losses to $ 718 million (€ 615 million). However, Tesla managed to increase sales to four billion dollars. Shareholders suffered a 10 percent loss of security during the year, reports Wall Street online. According to the US news, Elon Musk had announced on Thursday the purchase of common shares as soon as possible for a value of $ 20 million. He is already the largest shareholder. The announcement surprised, as Musk and Tesla had just reached an agreement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Wall Street said online. Both had previously been sued for securities fraud. Musk had announced on Twitter that financing was available to take the automaker out of the stock market. That was not true. In any case, the agreement stipulates that Elon Musk will pay a fine of $ 20 million and will resign as president of Tesla for at least three years.

Taschenberger now wants to make sure that Elon Musk is reached through Internet media and services such as Twitter and Instagram through the beam of light.



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