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Get ready for Trump to shoot the Mueller report

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9, 10:00 GMT

By Jonathan Allen

WASHINGTON – Like any master actor, President Donald Trump Surely knows that goods can not be hidden from the public forever.

The Mueller Report will appear.

There is pressure from Trump's competitors and Congress – the House voted unanimously for his release. The president himself has said that he prefers to release it. There is a long history of government documents, from the Pentagon papers to the Iran / Contra report to the Starr report, which are leaked to the public through authorized release, congress dumps, and plain old leakage.

As Trump himself said That could be exactly what he wants.

When relieved, he will be the first to declare "NO COLLUSION!" from the summit of the Twitter summit and campaign campaigns in the valleys of the Midwest.

"Without an indictment, Trump will bring home the waste of time, taxpayers' money, and resources to prove that he was right all along." He has done nothing wrong, "said Ron Bonjean, a veteran Republican strategist who helped the Supreme Court governor, Neil Gorsuch, through his Senate confirmation process.

Trump can do that, even if the report triggers brutal doubts about his activities and those of his family and friends – or if it's a mix of reasons from which special advocate Robert Mueller has refused to prosecute certain persons in the Trump orbit.

After all, Trump is no stranger who can turn around.

The bottom line for him and for GOP voters is that Muller has not filed any charges against him.

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