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Get your Apple Music & # 39; Year in Review & # 39; with this app!

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If you're an Apple Music user, a few weeks ago you might have felt left out of the picture when Spotify users started the "Wrapped" year in a review year. Now a new app can help make the spell a reality.

Music Year in Review is a free NoiseHub-built iOS app that takes a look at your Apple Music data for the year and creates a few sharable graphics on it

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The app was not created by Apple, but is only available for iOS for use with Apple Music accounts.

To use the app, just download it to an iOS device that you also use to access Apple Music. From there you will be prompted to enter an e-mail address (we recommend using a one-way address) and to provide access to your Apple Music data.

Then, three graphics are returned: one with the time you spent listening to your top performer, one with your favorite genre, artist and song, and a final graphic featuring your top 5 songs of the year and top -5-performers.

Image: Year in Review

For me that was pretty lame, because I only use Apple Music for white noise when I sleep, but if you use it for everything, then you should get some solid answers.

Is all this information that can change your life? No, but it's fun to see which artists and songs you've heard most over the year.

Sharing these social media discoveries with your friends can also cause you to be spotted and a friend has something in common or maybe you can even work as a suggestion for your friends to share some of your favorites check if this has not already happened.

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