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Giants 2019 takeaway schedule: The main routes, must-win games and more

The regular season schedule for the Giants 2019 is set when on Wednesday Ralph Vacchiano of SNY found a leak. Big Blue wants to recover from its record 5/11 record of last season, but it will not be an easy task for the opponents they will play.

Here are the matchups you can look forward to this season.

Familiar Opener

The Giants will open their new season against the Cowboys at the AT & T Stadium on September 8th. Bet you have never heard of them …

It's the sixth time in eight years that NFC East's rivals will be in their first week. It would have been four years in a row if the Giants did not play at home against the Jaguars last season.

But with the opener in Lone Star State everything is back to normal. The last time the Giants were opened in Dallas, the Cowboys won 1

9: 3. However, the Giants won in 2016 (thanks Terrance Williams ).

The Most Important Pitch Range

Many do not expect the Giants to be playoff contenders this season, but let's be optimistic and say they come in the eleventh week of the Bye week. New York will have a difficult game with the Bears, Packers and Eagles on Monday night's football through the 12th to 14th week, in which two of these three are out and about.

The Bears made a statement last season, and they should also be fighting for a playoff spot at this point. Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay are self-explanatory. This is the first time the Giants and Eagles meet this season, which means it will be a highly competitive game with national television cameras.

After this game, the Giants end the last three weeks of the regular season against the dolphins, Redskins and Eagles. But these games may not matter if they do not win in the weeks before. For the Giants team to be worth the last game against the Eagles in the 17th week, a strong upswing is important.

MetLife Bowl plays a role this time

As usual, the giants and jets face each other in the preseason. But also in week 10 this year.

The Giants are playing against the AFC East this season, meaning that Sam Darnold (19459007) and Gang Green (19459006) will face Saquon Barkley (19459007) and Big Blue. It's been four years since these two met for the last time in the regular season, and Giants fans do not want to remember it. Sincerely, Josh Brown scored a field goal in extra time to end the game with a Jets win.

But these two teams have been completely different since their last meeting. Le & Veon Bell, Subtract Odell Beckham Jr. and, of course, items # 2 and # 3 from last year's draft. It's always fun to see that this rivalry means something in the regular season. Although it's actually a Jets home game, blue and green jerseys will fill the stands to see who gets bragging rights for the next four years.

Must-win games

In the last two seasons, the Giants have made a terrible start. They were without victory in the first five games of the year 2017 and the last season was not much better from 1-4 by the first five.

Well, if they want to be taken seriously this time, they can not do it for the third time. From the second week, New York must be able to beat the bills, Bucs and Redskins to get off to a flying start and make a statement. Before they arrive at the Patriots in the sixth week of football on Thursday night, the Giants should have a few victories in their pocket (two of these games are at home).

After the New England Battle, the Giants get a much easier break Week 7 and 8 also with the Cardinals and Lions.

Welcome to New York, Kyler?

Complete disclaimer: This is a big guess by my side, but it would be a very interesting game. A Giants Cardinals is not the most intriguing game on paper right now, but what if the experts' predictions come true and the Cardinals Kyler Murray picks first overall next week?

The double threat quarterback will be the QB1 for Arizona, and they could place their 2018 First Runner Josh Rosen on the trading block. Well, guess who would probably be interested if that were the case?

Imagine roses under the middle of Big Blue, facing the rookie who forces him out of the house. That would be a fun matchup.

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