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Giants News, Nov 12: What Others Say About Pat Shurmur, Dave Gettleman and James Bettcher

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

How long is the Giant Leash for Pat Shurmur? – Sports Illustrated

… if you are Mara, decide the following: Do what you hate more than anything twice in a row, or play seriously in the near future with the hope that you will be similarly rewarded As you were with Coughlin (although Coughlin had achieved much better results in and achieved successes even before his time in New York).

The presence of a rookie franchise quarterback factor in a significant manner, as well as the presence of Barkley, which has a high ceiling but a much shorter shelf life. Imagine, the Giants maintain chaos for the 2020 season in the hope that continuity will succeed, but a version of this remedy continues and they miss the playoffs. The team will then have eight combined seasons with Odell Beckham and Saquon Barkley with a playoff spot, essentially wasting the sporting edge of two of the decade's most explosive position players.

This by Conor Orr from SI, pretty much sums up where the giants are.

What we learned about the giants at Bye Week.

A detailed summary by Patricia Traina.

Pat Shurmur is a dead trainer who runs as giants bump into the jets at a loss Politi ̵

1; nj.com

Killing the jets is the cherry on this sewage sundae for the Giants. It is the kind of loss that will dismiss a head coach. It may not happen now, but it inevitably feels like this once-proud franchise is heading for another lost season.

Shurmur may not be the right long-term coach for the Giants, but the farther I get from Sunday, the more I get. I think the giants will hate to see big upheavals again.

Giants should look at 2020 by 2 to 8 points

To be honest, they looked at 2020 all the time] These are pretty obvious, and we've discussed many of them.

What the 6-Game Skid the Giants Mean to Their Makers – New York Giants Blog – ESPN

An Analysis of Where Pat Shurmur, James Bettcher, and Dave Gettleman Stand.

Pat Shurmur has an option in Giants' disturbing reality.

Steve Serby talks about Shurmur, who rules the Giants with an iron fist. This is what I received on Monday about the elimination of the dressing room sofas.

James Bettcher could be the first Giants Domino to have dropped base that wants Shurmur and General Manager Dave Gettleman to stop today and leave and go out. There is nobody on the Defense Staff who has ever served as the NFL Defense Coordinator. Defensive coach Everett Withers was head coach in college at James Madison and Texas State. Anyone who takes over can streamline the process, but changes in defense are not possible during the season. These players can hardly comprehend a defense that they were exposed to eight months. Can you imagine how they would react to a whole new game book?

Bettcher was given a bad hand with a list of mismatched defenders, but he has not come close to doing more with less. He did less with less. For Bettcher, the development of the two first-round picks Dexter Lawrence and DeAndre Baker is of central importance. Baker has improved, if only because he was so dreadful at the beginning of his NFL career, and it looks as if the Giants would ask in 2020 if they called him correctly.

NFL Draft: New No. 1 Option Emerges As Giants and Jets Satisfy Needs

Ohio State Pass Rusher Chase Young may not be a bad consolation prize for the Giants.

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