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Giants owners discuss decision to trade Odell Beckham Jr.

Another issue was Beckham's sometimes mercurial personality. Beckham created headlines with interviews, off-the-field behavior and emotional outbursts during games.

"I kept reminding John that over my 45-year (movie) producing career, I deal with a lot of actors," table said. "Understanding superstars is a very, very complicated business of its own."

"We had to look at the picture. He wants to bring that to the Browns. I think when I'm talking about acting and celebrities, you understand the complexity of people in the lime light. I think the decision is totally based on a football decision. My personal feelings about Odell are very separate from the decision. "

" Honestly, there were times where it (the non-football news) did bother me, yes, "Mara said. "I had conversations with him about it, but it never came to the point. It never reached that point. What is it in the final decision? Yes, it is a factor. The thing about him though is never it ̵

1; he is a good guy. He did good things with us. Hey what's terrific with the Make-A-Wish kids that we brought in each week. It was not like we were in a guy that was going to be a criminal or anything. There were never those issues. Beckham became one of the very best receivers in the NFL and one of the finest in the Giants' long history. He departs with numerous franchise and league records, including most 100-yard games by a Giants receiver (24), and most receiving yards per game (92.8, the second highest mark in NFL history).

For that reason, and Beckham play for another team.

"Personally, I had a good relationship with Odell," said Table. I wish him only the best, next 10 years, I hope it is 10 years. Will he finish his career in Cleveland? None of us know. I sincerely wish him a great 2019 season and beyond. He is going to be exciting to watch as he always is. I wish him always the best. "

" It's not going to be easy, I'm not going to love you, "Mara said. "It will not be easy. He is a great player and I hope he has a great career with the Browns. It makes it a little bit easier that it is not in our conference. None of this was easy. The toughest call I had to make their favorite player. Both of them sobbed uncontrollably on the phone. One of them is still not sure. I say it half-kidding, but it's not an easy decision. I have strong feelings about Odell, too. I thought we had a really good relationship. I am going to miss seeing him around. You can not get sentiment in the way. I think, finally, if we make the right decisions. "

* Beckham was not the only player Mara was sorry to see the Giants. Three-time Pro Bowl safety Landon Collins signed with the Washington Redskins.

"That hurt me greatly," Mara said about Collins' departure. "I liked Landon a lot and I had a great deal of respect for him. He played hard week in and week out. We had many discussions about that. It basically comes down to you, just like any other player, putting a value on it. Here was where the numbers were going to end up for him. Do we want to spend it here or do we want to spend it elsewhere? It was a difficult decision but the numbers that were willing to go. It kills me to see him go. I know he wanted to be a giant and wanted to be here. Hey, what homegrown. It was a lot to him.

"There were some (Trade) calls last year about the deadline last year about him. I do not recall the offers that were anything to do with. It was still early enough in the year that we did not give it up. He played well, but unfortunately he got hurt. We did not make a decision at that time. That decision was not made until the franchise (day) deadline. We just felt that the number that was going to get in free agency was too rich for us. We did not want to franchise him even though he said he would not be happy if you do that with them. We knew at some point he was going to get the money that he got and what were we doing unwilling to live with. "

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