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Giants react when wounded hit the receiving corps

"I feel bad for (Coleman) because he worked really hard," Shurmur said. "We just have to see where it is."

The recipients are a close-knit group, and his colleagues in their meeting room were saddened to hear of Coleman's injury.

"After hearing the news about Corey, definitely something emptied," said Giant Golden Tate from year one, "Corey had a great off-season, worked hard on his craft, and we saw big leaps from him. and he does not have to do anything like that for him, except to let some air out, we all see him as a brother, so that's hard to understand. "

" It seems like a dark cloud is over ours Room is located, "said Slayton. "The injury to Sterling was not severe, mine was not serious, really, the only major that suffered was Corey, of course Sterling will do his best to come back as soon as possible, and I'll try to do the same At the same time we are looking for Corey and his recovery. "

General Manager Dave Gettleman, who has been evaluating NFL staff for more than 30 years, said it was not uncommon to suffer a flood of injuries in a group .

"Historically, you've run into one position," Gettleman said, "We started our camp with 1

1 receivers, and right now Alex is at PUP, so now you're at 10. So we decide claiming to get (Da'Mari) Scott from Buffalo, you do that and think you're back to 12, but you really are not and suddenly you're up to 9. The problem is that it s I really affect the way the practice works. It influences the way Pat writes the screenplay. Pat and (coordinator) Mike Shula write the offensive script and everything, so it hurts. Then you have X repetitions. Now you have fewer people taking these repetitions. So the short answer is yes, we'll train tomorrow and do something (to add one or more recipients).

Shurmur called Coleman, who vied for a bigger role This season, "a guy who had the chance to be there and either start or play a role."

Coleman was the 15th overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft. He was transferred to Buffalo last year and had a brief stay in New England before being retired from the Browns last year. 18 and a week later to the active squad.

He played eight games with a start and led the Giants with 23 kick-off returns for 598 yards (26.0 yards average) with a length of 51 yards. Coleman also had five receptions for 71 yards, a five-yard rush and a 19-yard punt return. He returned three kickoffs for 91 yards, including a 51-yarder, and hit a pass for 11 yards on his November 12 Giants debut in San Francisco.

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