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Giants top leaflet Chris Shaw to get daily look in the left field

SAN FRANCISCO – Before the Giants made batting practice on Friday, Chris Shaw and Austin Slater were in the field and Slater pointed to various parts of the ballpark. As he spoke, Aramis Garcia joined in the conversation.

Things have changed here.

Shaw, Slater and Garcia were all in Friday's lineup behind Andrew Suarez, along with Alen Hanson, who is also part of the 25-and-younger crowd. Shaw, who arrived on Friday, is the most-announced out of the pile, picking up a former first-round, which has 48 homers in the last two seasons.

The Giants hope that the power will show in the next 27 games. Manager Bruce Bochy said Shaw will be in the left field almost every day. Why will the tall left-hander be different from others who have tried and failed to bring the ball from the AT & T Park to a consistent footing?

"You look at the plus force," Bochy said. "I do not want him to come up here and try to hit Homer's, hit the ball hard and put the barrel on it, I do not want to put that pressure on him, but he has good power the other way." also. "

Maybe Shaw should put himself under pressure ̵

1; the Giants have a bunch of putative grinders, but Shaw is built from a different shape, he beats things and beats a lot, that's not what the Giants are looking for in general, but these Lineup may need a bit more, and team officials are eager to see what they have in Shaw.

"It's his cameo," said vice president of baseball operations, Brian Sabean As far as he can, as far as he can. "

The Giants did not originally intend to call Shaw, though the team officials were cautious on Friday as they formulated the decision, and General Manager Bobby Evans said they wanted it Shaw got an opportunity to play, and now he has that after trading with Andrew McCutchen.
This season was an up and down for Shaw. He hit 24 Homer in Triple-A but also striked 144 times while he did n Only 21 Walks took off.

"He had made some significant progress this year, but also had some offensive setbacks," Evans said.

The Giants will try to correct some of the bugs, and that's the alternative. Shaw could have gone home for the winter. Instead, Dave Brundage, the manager of Triple-A, pulled him aside as he had breakfast on Friday morning. Brundage told him that he would not make the River Cats trip to Las Vegas.

"I collapsed," Shaw said. "It's something you dream of all your life."

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