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Gillibrand paid 13.4 percent federal tax in 2018 to $ 218,000 in earned income

N New York Senator. Kirsten Gillibrand was the Democrats' first presidential candidate to release their latest tax returns on Wednesday. This shows that she paid $ 29,170 in taxes last year, or 13.4 percent of her total income.

The data on their earnings shows that Gillibrand 2018 had earned just under 218,000 US dollars. $ 167,634 came from her Senate salary and $ 50,000 from a bookstore.

The release of the return was also a challenge for their Democratic opponents to follow their lead.

"And now that we're fighting Donald Trump, we need honesty, transparency, and accountability, more than ever," says Gillibrand's campaign website. "That's why Kirsten has published her tax returns for the past 1

2 years here for all, calling on every Democrat candidate to follow her lead and release her release."

Gillibrand's campaign website currently contains 12 years of tax returns (until 2007).

Only the Massachusetts senator, Elizabeth Warren, has published a long history of tax returns, like Gillibrand, though she has not provided the public with 2018 records.

Others, such as Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Cory Booker of New Jersey, have given the press access to their proceeds during their Senate campaigns. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders promised during a CNN Town Hall last month that he would release 10 years of his own return, but has not said when this would happen.

Former Texas MP Beto O Rourke has never published his family's personal tax information.

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