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Gina Rodriguez will play Carmen Sandiego in a live action movie, but that's not the only exciting way she's involved

Where in the world is Gina Rodriguez? Today, she directs major film and television projects with her own production company. Rodriguez plays in a live action Carmen Sandiego for Netflix, who will breathe new life into the classic character, she also produces the film after Deadline. This is the second Carmen Sandiego project ordered by the streaming service that announced last year to distribute an animated series with Rodriguez, in which the title character is spoken. Carmen Sandiego is a character who originated in a popular 1980s learning computer game and was later adapted into PBS series. The Caricature is a New View on History, and The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that a series with 20 episodes is scheduled for 201


Carmen Sandiego is just one of many projects developed by Rodriguez's production company I Can And I Will. Last year Variety reported that I Can And I Will signed a multiyear contract with CBS Television Studios. The new animated Carmen Sandiego series is one of the projects that will lead the star through the company, and the live-action film will serve as an independent adventure story with the character. This will not be Rodriguez's first major role in the feature film – she recently appeared in the fantasy thriller Annihilation as well as in Sony's upcoming remake of Miss Bala she had recently debated with variety .

According to Deadline, production company Rodriguez will head the Carmen Sandiego remake, along with producers Kevin Misher and Caroline Fraser. Deadline also reported that the trademark icon of Houghton belongs to Mifflin Harcourt and Fraser is the director of the publishing company's production company. She is committed to working with Rodriguez on both the animated series and the live action feature. A new series of publisher's books featuring Carmen will also debut in 2019 along with the new animated show, according to Deadline's report.

On Twitter, Rodriguez confirmed the cartoon series for fans last April. When a user blackened her, "Is that true? If so, YAAAS!", The star had a funny answer. She wrote, "I already have the fedora and coat, so it's definitely true." The tweet referred to Carmen's iconic red trench and hat, which Rodriguez is now likely to appear on screen. On Monday she returned reports on Carmen Sandiego live action film, but still has to comment on the role.

Rodriguez became known for her Golden Globe winner Jane in the hit series Jane the Virgin and has become a driving force in the entertainment industry. She is one of several prominent women in Hollywood who founded her own production company to increase marginalized voices. Reese Witherspoon's Type A Films is behind big projects like Wild, Gone Girl and the HBO series Big Little Lies. Margot Robbie founded in 2014 a production company called LuckyChap which produced I Tonya. Robbie said in November 2017 Us Weekly that she hopes the company will help other writers, directors and actors.

Rodriguez also uses her production company to raise under-represented voices. She has set herself the task of publishing various stories on television, and she has spoken out in the past for this cause. In January, she wrote a commentary for Variety in which she pleaded for more Latino representation on the screen.

"It is important that we celebrate, employ and represent all Latinos from Europeans to Afro-Latinos because it is our responsibility as an industry to give a positive image to this entire generation so that no one feels invisible," wrote you. "It really takes a village to make a difference, and I'm confident that more studios, networks and filmmakers will help make the growing presence of Latinos on screen not just a hope, but a reality."

If someone returns Carmen Sandiego to the canvas, it is Rodriguez. The project is only the beginning of Rodriguez's production career and she is one of the women with the potential to change the entire landscape of Hollywood.

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