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Give Daniels Giants a chance

Phil Simms was not the redeemer at the beginning of his career, and he certainly heard it from the Giants fans, but he eventually joked that he had emptied and won.

So the question for Simms was: what would you tell the outraged Giants fans about the shocking election of Daniel Jones?

"We just want to wait and give him a chance," Simms told The Post.

"Everyone knows only what they read and what people say on the radio or on television."

Asked if he believes that Jones – whom the # 6 Giants grabbed in the NFL dossier – has a chance Having become a franchise quarterback for the New York Giants after Eli Manning, Simms, said, "Yes, I do, let's just give it a shot, OK, let's see where it goes."

"I think so "The Giants felt physically good enough, all that, no worries, but everything you want to see in your quarterback, they have seen."

Simms had the Historic Super Bowl XXI evening in Pasadena, California, and knows exactly how Jones can win the Giants fans.

"Like all fans, you win them when you play well and win," Simms said, "I never thought Duke would win the ACC and fight for a national title

"I did not study it the way I usually do, but I think e There's a lot of similarity between him and Eli. I think they like his behavior. I have not seen any wow games. But I saw a guy who knew how to play a quarterback.

  A message for Giants fans popping the Daniel Jones pick.
A message for Giants fans beating the Daniel Jones pick.

"and his mobility is really good, and I think the Giants were looking for a quarterback with the kind of mobility he has, I always thought Pat Shurmur would get a quarterback who could move and all that

No. 1 Jeff George and JaMarcus Russell had guns for weapons and busts, and Simms strictly rated Jones fourth in his limited study of this year's harvest because he did not Saw Jones make as many special throws as the others.

"Was it the momentum that Drew Lock and Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray could use? it? No, it was not," said Simms You, me, all of us, have never seen many, many, many, really incredible talented quarterbacks in the NFL.

"Many reasons, but most of all, they did not play the game properly feel like being a quarterback and managing the team, the game and all that. I think that's a skill you were born with, and you learn from great people.

Simms added that meetings with club decision-makers often played a big role.

Talent, you have to go to the intangibles-will he be a leader, do his teammates like him? -These kinds of things. " Simms said, "I must not look into her life and see who they are and all the other things that matter so much."

[Redskins] Why was Drew Lock not selected [in the first round]? So, there's something I do not know, or something I've told you. "

Still, it was not easy for Dave Brown to follow Simms, and Jones will not find it easy to follow Manning.

"I do not think he's going to go out there, run to the field and go:" Oh my god, I'm playing Eli Manning! & # 39; Simms said he believes Giants fans would give Jones a chance.

Everyone wants Patrick Mahomes now, "said Simms," and that's great, just keep looking, because Patrick Mahomes will do not see us for a long time.

"Let us observe him and then judge for ourselves."

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