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Global coronavirus cases exceed 11 million

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – According to a Reuters record, worldwide coronavirus cases exceeded 11 million on Friday. This is another milestone in the spread of the disease, which killed more than half a million people in seven months.

A priest with personal protective equipment (PPE) steps in front of the body of a person who has died from coronavirus disease (COVID-19) while gathering forests around a man in a crematorium in New Delhi, India on July 3 Make funeral pyre, 2020. REUTERS / Anushree Fadnavis

According to the World Health Organization, the number of cases of serious influenza diseases that are recorded annually is more than twice as high.

Many of the hardest hit countries are loosening lockdowns to slow the spread of the coronavirus and making major changes to work and social life that can take a year or more to get a vaccine.

Some countries are experiencing a resurgence of infections, which means that the authorities have partially reinstated the bans. Experts say this could be a recurring pattern by 2021.

The United States reported more than 55,400 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, a new daily world record as infections increased in most states. Several US governors canceled plans to reopen their economies as the number of cases increased.

Almost a quarter of the world’s known deaths occurred in the United States – nearly 129,000.

Latin America, where Brazil has 1.5 million cases, accounts for 23% of the world’s total number of people infected. India has become the new epicenter in Asia and has 625,000 cases.

Asia and the Middle East have around 12% and 9%, respectively, according to the Reuters report that uses government reports.

In some countries with limited testing options, the number of cases reflects a small proportion of total infections. About half of the reported infected people have recovered.

To date, there have been more than 520,000 deaths related to the disease worldwide, which is approximately the number of influenza deaths reported annually.

The first death associated with the new corona virus was reported in Wuhan, China, on January 10, before infections and deaths increased in Europe, then in the United States, and later in Russia.

The pandemic has now entered a new phase. India and Brazil are struggling with over 10,000 outbreaks every day, which is a significant drain on resources.

Countries such as China, New Zealand and Australia have experienced new outbreaks last month, although local transmission has been largely suppressed.

(This story corrects the reference to the first cases on January 10, paragraph 11).

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