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"Global Gag Rule" could harm the fight against HIV / AIDS

Researchers at this year's International AIDS Conference say a newly-established US policy could affect the global fight against HIV / AIDS.

The policy, sometimes referred to as the "Global Gag Rule," dates back to the 1980s and was reintroduced by President Donald Trump last year. It prevents the US government from providing federal funds to foreign organizations that perform abortions.

Researchers at the International AIDS Conference, however, say that politics is affecting women's health care, which in turn has implications for the fight against HIV / AIDS

A study presented at the conference found that organizations around the world have already lost several million dollars in funding. This loss of funding is likely to result in the loss of some sexual and reproductive health services.

Another study found that the loss of these services already took place in several locations. For example, in the African country of Lesotho, where one in four women are HIV-infected, USAID had to stop delivering condoms.

NBC messages are twice as likely to have HIV than men in some of the countries most affected by HIV / AIDS, so women's health care often begins fighting the virus.

Worldwide, nearly 37 million people were living with HIV by the end of 201

7, with the highest concentrations in Africa and the Americas.

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