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GM confirms that it manufactures an electric pickup truck

So, but with electrons.
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Pickup Trucks is the blood that flows through the veins of Detroit automakers, and it's almost impossible to see a future without them. After Ford and Rivian made so much noise recently about preparing to launch electric vehicles in the near future, General Motors does not want to feel left out.

For this reason GM CEO Mary Barra addressed the issue this week in an investor call and announced the successes of her company in both the pickup truck and the electric vehicle market. Here are a few quotes from The Detroit News:

"GM has an industry-leading truck franchise and industry-leading electrification capabilities. I assure you that we will not replace our leadership on either fronts, "said Barra. "We intend to create a purely electric future that includes a full range of electric vehicles – including full size pickups."

Barra said GM would bring more over the electric pickup "if it's competitive." A GM spokesman declined on details of the new electric vehicle or at the time of its launch.

Ford has already made some noise in the development of hybrid and electric vehicle variants of its F-150 pickup truck and last week gave $ 500 million in Rivian, a. The American offshore brand for electric vehicles that has recently been using their electric R1T and R1S pickup and crossover concepts caused a sensation. It is planned to develop, in addition to Ford's current projects, an as yet unknown additional electric vehicle.

You may remember that GM initially had talks with Rivian, but the discussions had fallen because of the terms and conditions, which prevented Rivian from working with other companies, as Bloomberg reported at the time.

Although GM has not yet provided information on the electric drafts plans, it announced plans for 20 new electric vehicles by 2023, starting with a new Chevy Bolt-based vehicle.

There is just one more setback for GM, which Ford and Rivian do not need to worry about. GM is already in the phase-out phase of the US electric vehicle tax credit, while the other two companies are still selling thousands of electric vehicles before they have to worry about it.

It is particularly timely that GM is not lagging behind in the EV pickup truck game, as a slow rollout of its revamped truck models was partially responsible for GM's first-quarter result, which was below expectations this week as Bloomberg reports.

I hope for GM that the failed deal with Rivian was not the only thing he sat on.

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