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God Of War receives performance mode with PS4 Pro on non-4K TVs

The PlayStation 4 Pro will squeeze some more juice out of God of War even if you do not have a 4K display. Game Director Cory Barlog explained that the upcoming game has a performance mode that continues to make good use of Pro's hardware.

In response to a fan asking if he needs to upgrade to a pro, Barlog said "No, you do not have to, but if you do 4k, it's amazing if you have a 4k If you do not, we have a performance mode that adds extra power to good use and makes the game so fluid! "

The tweet and subsequent responses to other fans do not indicate whether the smoothness means a specific locked frame rate, or whether this performance mode can be toggled or whether the pro is easy automatically detects a non-4K display. Still, for those who have already upgraded to a pro, it's nice to know that the extra power is not wasted.

God of War will join PlayStation 4 on April 20. This will be the first god of war since Ascension in 201

3, marking a new direction for the series. Kratos is older and takes care of a son. The result is a similar relationship to the critically acclaimed The Last of Us. This is especially noteworthy, considering that some Kratos just wanted to leave it to reboot. It also seems to be repairing the fight of the series; Overall, the game looks good.

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