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Godzilla After Credits: Does King of the Monsters Have a Post Credits Scene?


Spoiler follow! Should you stay after the credits?

More about Godzilla: King of the Monsters: Learn about the craziest Easter egg in the movie, or how a great monkey like King Kong could possibly endure Godzilla in the future. Kong.

Wondering if King of the Monsters has a Godzilla After Credit scene? Well, you're in the right place …

The short answer is yes, there's a post-credits scene …

Of course, full spoilers will follow for the following movie! Do not read on if you do not want to be pampered.

O.K., still here? Read on to find out what happens at the end of the movie and during (and after) the credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters! It happens around the world after the events of the king of monsters. Godzilla, of course, has proven that he is truly King of the Monsters, defeating King Ghidorah and decimating most of Boston just to triumphantly exist as the remaining monsters, including Rodan and, some new creatures are pleading in his presence on.

While the credits are rolling, "style updates" torn from the headlines show that the world has begun to heal itself after Godzilla's triumph. Yes, Vera Farmiga's character, Dr. Emma Russell, was right ̵

1; her crazy plan to let go of all the sleeping monsters on the planet so the Earth finds a new balance seems to be shifting. No matter how destructive the decision was for humanity … or how you and your fellow human beings behaved in the occupation.

Then we also hear rumbling on Skull Island – yes, King Kong is wrongly referred to here. There is something going on there and we even see one of those old cave paintings that sometimes pop up in the Monster Verse. It's Godzilla vs. Kong! But to get that story, you have to look around … Godzilla Vs. Kong, next year in a theater near you! (Learn more about King of the Monsters' setup for Godzilla vs. Kong, including the question of how a big ape can fight the high-rise Godzilla!)

As for the post-credits scene, you must See and appreciate the names of all the hard-working people who made the film before you get there. The scene shows the return of Charles Dance, Jonah Alan, who for some reason seemed to disappear in the third act of King of the Monsters. But now he is back on the Isla de Mara, where Rodan was born in the film for the first time from this volcano. Alan is run by a former local fisherman in some facility (there's no fishing after the US government drops that oxygen destroyer, you know) before they land in a room containing one of King Ghidorah's severed heads being held. Of course, this must be the head that Godzilla removed during the ensuing Isla de Mara sequence and persecution.

Alan simply says, "We'll take it." And then the movie ends.

It seems we see the three-headed dragon again, perhaps as the real villain in Godzilla. Kong. Will this head regenerate a whole new body? Will Dance & # 39; s character make a Robo-Body for it? (There is a precedent for the latter.) Only time … and the monster verse … will show it!

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