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GoFundMe works with Instagram and other companies to counter false information against Vaxxer

GoFundMe has joined a growing list of social media companies that have used anti-vaccine propaganda to prevent the distribution of misinformation.

The increasing expense of technology giants like Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube relentlessly pushes anti-vaccine movement, talking about "chickenpox parties" and concerns about measles outbreaks across the country. It also comes when the American Medical Association, the nation's best-known medical organization, called social media platforms to ensure that users receive accurate information about vaccines.

Amazon has confirmed this week that it has also taken action books from its online market that announce false information about autism and vaccines.

Then came the announcement from Instagram.

And now GoFundMe is doing the same.

GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne said in a statement to the Daily Beast that "campaigns that raise money to promote false information about vaccines violate the terms of service of GoFundMe and are canceled by the platform." He said The company "is conducting a thorough review and will remove all campaigns currently on the platform."

But Whithorne told Newssite that these crowdfunding campaigns are "extremely rare" and that the company has so far found fewer than 1

0 to remove.

Experts say businesses, especially social media platforms, are given new and challenging tasks as they learn to cross the line between business and censorship at a time when health and health claims are being misled. Science can have a profound impact on public health. At the same time, some proponents of vaccination are proposing that enforcement actions violate First Amendment's rights, restrict alternative views and give Big Pharma the upper hand. (Larry Cook, a prominent advocate, did not immediately respond to a request from the Washington Post for the changes.)

Nonetheless, Facebook has announced that certain content and ads containing inaccurate information about vaccines will be banned, Pinterest said. Blocking "search terms, blocking memes and pins triggering propaganda against vaccines, and YouTube said it is prohibited for vaccination channels to advertise online, the news says. Instagram told Hill this week that it plans to start blocking hashtags related to "known health-related misinformation such as #vaccinescauseautism, #vaccinesarepoison, and #vaccinescauseids." "

Last week, James Madara, executive vice president and chief executive of the AMA sent a letter to the top managers at Amazon, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube asking for their help.

Madara said doctors would "Reports on anti-vaccine-related news and ads targeting parents are worrying about information about vaccines on their platforms. "

" As physicians, we are concerned that the spread of this kind of health-related disinformation undermines healthy science, further reduces vaccines, and causes people to make medical decisions that could trigger the spread of disease easily preventable diseases " he wrote, "Given public health and the use of social media as the leading source of information for the American people, we urge you to ensure that users have access to scientifically valid information about vaccinations so they can make informed health decisions Familys. "

" We also urge you to publicize your plans to ensure that users receive accurate, timely, and scientifically-based information about vaccines, "Madara said in the letter.

The Vaccine The move became part of supported by fraudulent research from 1998 allegedly linking autism to a vaccine preservative – despite the fact that it has been discredited and despite numerous other studies proving vaccination, it does not cause autism.

The controversial debate has been at the center of popular social media platforms where anti-Vaxxers have spread false information, and health care professionals Fessionals have come under fire for trying to fight it.

Lena H. Sun The Washington Post reported earlier this week that "paediatricians and others Practitioners are increasingly being attacked by digital movements being attacked by a global movement that distributes false information about vaccines. "19659002] She added:

" Online attacks on people who vote for vaccines are becoming more common , say clinicians and vaccine advocates. Social media websites are the main platform for the misleading claims of the anti-vaccine movement. Although anti-vaccine activists are a small minority, they appear to be the majority in social media.

Art Caplan, Professor of Bioethics and Head of the Department of Medical Ethics at the New York University School of Medicine, said earlier that these companies can not be used as a "vehicle for disinfection attacks."

"You can Posting things that stand up against vaccinations – individuals can voice their opinions. However, if there are websites containing false information, exposing information or similar books that trigger false cures, I think there is a role for someone in censorship, "said Caplan, who wrote a paper on" The Overlooked Dangers "in 2017 The presence of social media against vaccination groups "Caplan said it is important for companies to rule out such misinformation" because the power of social media, especially in the area of ​​vaccines, is so strong that they are afraid of vaccines, leading to a leading role leads to epidemics that put people at risk. "

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