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Golf Course Strategies Professionals Use


If you are constantly attempting to enhance your golf game, and you are not noticing much of an improvement, you may be at a plateau. As much as you practice, you just can’t seem to get that extra edge on your swing. If you’re wondering what the professionals do in order to enhance their play, there’s more than a few strategies.

Avoid Tunnel Vision

It’s easy to get focused on the pin and simply aim for it whenever you are taking a swing towards the green. But if the pin is on a slender part of the green, you should be taking aim at the fat part of the green and not the pin. This comes with a cost-benefit ratio, if your short game needs work, this can lead to a higher score. However, you’re reducing the likelihood you’ll over or underreach by taking a shot at a larger surface area. This is something that professionals will often do to make sure they are not faced with a larger score. This is the most common mistake amateurs will make.

Professionals Use Maps

If you’re playing in a tournament where you are not familiar with the course, the best thing you can do is use Google Maps, or Google Earth. These services now come with an option that lets you measure distances from point A to point B. You just need to right click when using Google Maps to see this option. This is a great way to establish a strategy prior to even setting foot on the golf course, and you will have an idea of what your plan of action is. The only downside to using this tool is that you won’t know exactly where your shots will end up, so it’s more of a general frame of reference. This is great for courses where you need to travel and can’t play ahead of time.


While Google’s technology can be exceptionally useful, it can’t predict where your shots are going to land (not yet anyway). Don’t worry, rangefinders can help you measure distances when you’re on the course, so you can plan your next move. The professionals from The Left Rough describe different rangefinders in detail, which you can read more here if you’re curious about how each operate. Many tournaments allow the use of rangefinders because of how popular they’ve become. There may be certain stipulations regarding the use of rangefinders, so make sure you read up on your tournament rules.

Guiding Shots

Many times when golfers are taking aim at the pin, they try to guide their shots, especially if the wind is blowing. Many times guided shots result in half-swings, or miss-swings, and the ball falls short. When boxers are practicing their punches, they aim through the bag, and you should be aiming to pass your target. Never guide your shots because it can lead to a much higher score. This may sound counterintuitive, but when you introduce it into your practice, you will see the difference it makes.


This may sound redundant, because, of course you have to practice if you want to get better. However, many golfers practice with complex scenarios, and often don’t take it back to the basics. Unless you’re constantly enhancing your foundational development, you will find it more difficult to perform on the course. When you are experiencing a few bad days of golf, take a look at your posture again and see if there’s any room for correction. Just like driving a vehicle, we can pick up bad habits when we’re on “autopilot” golfing. Enhance the fundamentals and your overall game will improve.

Using Contacts

You don’t see many professional golfers wearing glasses, and if they are, they’re snug fit. The problem with glasses is that they can obscure your peripheral vision and can lead to a whiff, whereas contacts can be more useful and less distracting. It might sound extreme to those who hate putting contacts in, but it is definitely a strategy that most professionals employ. Alternatively, you can have your glasses fitted more snugly on your head. Remember, vision is one of your most important tools when it comes to being successful.


Some of these strategies may seem a little more extreme than others, but there’s no doubt that they’re all employed by professionals in order to give them the extra edge they need. Make sure hubris doesn’t become your enemy when it comes to your play, often times we’re far too confident in our fundamental knowledge. You might not be ready to play for the Master’s with these strategies, but you’ll definitely advance your own abilities.