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"Good Day Sacramento" reporter outraged the auto show segment

The Sacramento International Auto Show said the reporter was fired after the "amazingly terrible" incident.

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A California television reporter said he felt like a kid in a candy store when he hit cars at a car show – an outrage from vintage enthusiasts who described his behavior as shocking and disrespectful.

CBS 13's Good Day Sacramento reports that the reporter Angel Cardenas was fired after a flight segment in which he had jumped on several cars and another, according to the Sacramento International Auto Show Door seemed to beat. No vehicles were damaged, the Sacramento Bee reported.

The segment video posted on the sender's Facebook page was quickly deleted after an outcry, but fortunately, a version narrated by viewer Adam Copeland has since been uploaded – and it's MUCH.

] "Nobody's here to tell me which car I can not get into, because some of them are banned, so I'll just live on the wild side," Cardenas says in the video before I hit the street jump trunk of a vintage yellow Ford Thunderbird. "I feel like a kid in a candy store without the owner because you can do anything."

Cardenas then opens the driver's door of a 1956 pink Thunderbird and seems to hit the passenger door of the Thunderbird parked next to it. ("Leave your name and number!") If you hear Copeland's wife shouting on TV at this point.)

Cardenas did not confine himself to classic cars: he was also filmed while jumping on the hood of a new hybrid Ford SUV , even after the reference to a sign that supposedly should not be issued.

"That did not sound good," says Cardenas, after he jumped on the car. A man asks the reporter to get out of the vehicle.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the Sacramento International Auto Show said the producer had turned to the broadcaster's general manager to complain about the reporter's "amazingly dreadful" behavior during the segment and was told he had been terminated. The station has also apologized, said the auto show.

Emails from Buzzfeed News and News at Good Day Sacramento and CBS 13 were not returned immediately. Calls and e-mails to Cardenas were also not returned on Tuesday evening.

A viewer who sent Cardenas an email regarding the segment, shared the reporter's response with Buzzfeed News. In the email, Cardenas admitted that the live recording was a "dumb election," but insisted that the beating of the door was a "staged move" and no vehicles were damaged. Car lovers stay together.

"I know most hot rodders in the sport, we always look at each other when we're not in our car," he said. "I also know most of the Good Day employees, which worries me, so I sent the e-mail."

On Facebook, other car enthusiasts said they had complained to the broadcaster and received an apology in response, saying that Cardenas' behavior was "disrespectful and unacceptable."

A Good Day Sacramento page named Cardenas appears to have been freed of any content. According to his LinkedIn page, he has contributed to Good Day Sacramento since at least 2012.

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