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Good Stuff This Week: The triumph of a student, a dog with a strange work and a funny billboard

The people of Denmark are among the happiest people in the world – and they have all kinds of cool words to express their outstanding Scandinavian brand of satisfaction. You may know about Hygge, the Danish concept of intimacy and coziness. Get ready to refresh your Pyt now. There is no exact English translation, but the concept of pyt could be summarized by the sentence "Do not worry" or "Things happen". It's basically a way to deal with stress by cultivating healthy thoughts – and goodness knows we can always use it. Because, let's face it, pyt happened.
This is Train, and he's here to teach you one or two things about pursuing your dreams ̵
1; even if they end up with your face first in a pile of animal droppings. Train is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and he was supposed to be a drug dog, but he broke out of the drug school because he was too hyperactive. It turned out he just wanted to run around and poop. It may sound like an unappealing task, but scat samples in the wild can be gold mines for researchers like train owner and conservation biologist Karen DeMatteo. DeMatteo and a research team in Argentina are trying to find the habitats of endangered animals, but it's hard to figure out where they live if you can not find the animals themselves. The poop helps to determine their position, and Train helps to locate the poop.
  Sons caress Dad with a huge birthday sign that makes thousands of phone calls. CNN hid the phone number on the billboard.

Happy Birthday, stranger!

If your parents remind you to call them on their birthdays, this is probably NOT WHAT YOU MEAN. Chris Ferry of New Jersey has been flooded in texts and voicemails by people who wish him a happy 62nd birthday because his rogue sons decided to buy a complete billboard with his face near Atlantic City. His sons have always tried to make fun, joking jokes for their dad, and it's going to be hard to beat that. (For your information, today is the real birthday of Ferry.)

Great wealth brings great responsibility

Remember the record $ 1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot pulled last year? An anonymous woman in South Carolina has argued that she's already doing a lot of good with her new fortune. According to her lawyer (the winner does not go public and can you accuse her?), She donates part of her income to charities, including the Alabama Red Cross, which helps the survivors after the deadly tornado this month. Her lawyer said the winner felt "so lucky is a tremendous social responsibility."

Pick up a jar …

Dylan Chidick a 17-year-old student in New Jersey who has just been accepted into 17 different collections. This is amazing in and of itself, but Dylan also had a difficult journey to travel: since he moved from Trinidad to the US as a Trinidad at the age of seven, he had bouts of homelessness and serious medical problems braving everything , "If we go through homelessness, let me know that there will be obstacles," Dylan said, "but as long as our family is together, we can go through it."

A Wise Idea

Do you stress life? Exactly the same. It's okay. Go out and look at some birds. Seriously, spring is an exciting time for birdwatchers everywhere and studies show that people living in areas with more birds and trees are less prone to depression, anxiety and stress. A US study on Fish and Wildlife shows that 45 million Americans say they regularly observe birds – and there are certainly more millions around the world. So, get some binoculars, go outside and relax. You will be in very good company.

You Must See

Raise your hand if you had (or bought) a toy in the 80's that looked just like that! The childhood fantasies of yesteryear are the technological realities of today. This electric "Moon Buggy" with fuel cell drive is a joint project between Toyota and the Japanese Space Agency. They hope to be able to send them into space from 2029 onwards. If everything goes according to plan, astronauts could even wear space suits in it.

Heroes Among Us

CNN Heroes has begun announcing its Heroes of the Year, and foremost is Zach Wigal, founder of Gamers Outreach, a non-profit association that designs video game stations for children and builds hospitals for longer-term medical Treatment. Wigal saw that video games in hospitals were not always accessible to bedridden patients. The portable carts of his foundation aim to make everyone happy. According to a staff member at a children's hospital, it helps children engage in fun activities like this to reduce anxiety and pain. In addition, every young warrior deserves a break from the battle against serious illnesses to kick a small butt in Halo 2.

Do we want to leave?

Is Helsinki the coolest city in the world? It's certainly cold, but the Finnish people are statistically really happy and the scenery is good. In addition, Finns are not known to be very talkative, so you can probably enjoy all the wonders of Helsinki in peace.

Tell us something good

Birmingham, AL

When the Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church was badly damaged in a fire on Christmas day, her congregation spent several months finding a new church home for them. It looks like they've found one – in a nearby synagogue. The leaders of the Temple of Emanu-El told the church to worship in the room as long as they need it. Reverend Erskine Faush Jr. says the synagogue's hospitality is "overwhelming" and its interreligious community proves that "good is stronger than evil".

Impact your world

We want this newsletter to be a place where you can smile and feel good about the world, but it does not feel right to mention the tragedy in Christchurch, New Zealand Week. Within hours of the attacks on two mosques that killed at least 49 people, people of all faiths gathered around their Muslim friends and communities. Mosques receive messages of solidarity and flowers. A fundraiser paid $ 400,000 in half a day, and many Christians promised to attend Friday prayers in their local mosques. So, when your heart hurts, let these expressions of solidarity inspire your own ways to achieve and share love. Here are some other ways to help.

Shameless Animal Video

There is always time for cute animal videos. This time is now.

This is a two-for-one, because both the cow and the girl are totally adorable. Go on and live this Disney Princess life.

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