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Goodbye is tough, but Broad City is done with its series finale

Image: Broad City (Comedy Central)
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"This will still be the most beautiful, deep, real, cool, and hottest, meaningful, and important relationship of my life," tells Ilana Abbi of the Brooklyn Bridge in Broad City 's Absolute disappointing and still weird the series finale. Broad City turned in an ambitious final season and pushed its central friendship into new territory, blowing everything up. This last season relied on many of the show's lasting strengths – the chemistry of these characters, the chaos of New York City – but it also differs from the four previous seasons.

All promos For this final season, there was a big dramatic ending with images like Abbi and Ilana hanging on the side of a building for a sweet life. And in reality, this end is a big dramatic ending! It's not literally explosive, but it's certainly emotional. Abbi and Ilana were still doing their crazy little adventures, and in the finale they even tried another one when they came across a fancy toilet in Lower Manhattan and decided to roll it over the Brooklyn Bridge. Not only did Abbi and Ilana have to engage in their crazy quests, but they also had to deal with the idea that they would not have any more this season, which was triggered by Abbi's decision to move to Colorado for an artist's residence. This stark, destructive reality has given this past season a whole new pathos, a meta-reflection of good things coming to an end.

Goodbye are hard and Broad City makes this the literal focus of their farewell succession. "Ilana, I'm really scared. I move through the country and change my life, "says Abbi on the bridge and later," me and you, we will still be us. "Abbi and Ilana have to say goodbye over and over again when a meaningful relationship ends. Ilana runs away from Abbi on the bridge and says that she can not go to dinner, because reunion would be too difficult again. In truth, she runs home to organize herself for the surprise party, in which some of the main recurring characters of Abbi's show say goodbye, but those tears do not work. There is something true in what Ilana says. All the little rituals they go through, like securing one last bacon, egg and cheese sandwich (which they do not, because Abbi and Ilana often fail in their missions, which is fun) are profound sadness, with the knowledge that this is the last time they will do this together.

And then Abbi tries to leave without saying goodbye in the morning, and Ilana freaks out. You can easily empathize with both. There is no perfect way to say goodbye. Abbi was in too much pain at the thought of doing it again. "I mean, I do not even feel like I'm alive before I met you. You taught me how I taught it, "Abbi says to Ilana in the street, the light blue gray morning of morning, which is both beautiful and sad.

This kind of intensity and emotional power make Abbi and Ilana such a thing This is a kind of romantic friendship between women, which is often impossible to describe, and yet this show is so clear in its image in fact, it's often like a romantic relationship, even if it was sometimes a bit sexual, because of how this show in her DNA always felt very strange even before she was explicitly so.This is not a typical friendship for television , and Broad City has seldom felt conventional and slightly anarchic in its approach to storytelling Broad City knows it's impossible to summarize a friendship with a simple description, so he spent five seasons just showing us what Abbi and Ilana's relationship looks like over and over again and something beautiful between them all creates the crazy Shenanigans. 19659010] Lucia Aniello's strict direction mediates intimacy with each shot. Abbi and Ilana, overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge skyline, are particularly indelible. And the way the camera glides to its Sharpied Abbi + Ilana Forever inscription on the bridge, and then again to the post-it Abbi leaves on Ilana's forehead when she leaves in the morning, has a gentle liquid, that really captures the drama and the emotions of that farewell. Again, the morning light during the last farewell is just perfect. And we also get a nice close-up scene of only Abbi and Ilana in bed. Abbi films how Ilana films social justice about random topics. It's a nice, quiet moment, a more restrained look at her friendship, and Aniello's direction here repeats the familiarity. Aniello also led the pilot episode, and there is a lot about this ending, which is very much in a circle.

As usual, the city is a big part of the story and the visual landscape of the episode, a de facto third character that is as vivid and captivating as Abbi and Ilana. The Brooklyn Bridge scenes are lovely, and the closing party on the roof is also clearly New York. Abbi thinks she's making a bacon, egg, and cheese in Boulder that can ever be compared to the real price.

Sure, it's not the end for Abbi and Ilana's friendship, but it's still an end, a conclusion An important and long chapter in their lives is undoubtedly the conclusion of an important and long chapter by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer's actual Life outside the show. The last scene shows that they are talking on the phone all the time, but it is not the same thing. They have a new relationship now, and that's okay, but it's okay to be really sad about it. Broad City makes Abbi and Ilana sad and scared, just as this show has always encountered fierce, messy emotions that make Abbi and Ilana really complicated, dynamic characters that never fit neatly into a box, especially when they are together.

From the beginning, Broad City despite its unbelievably simple premise always felt fresh, exciting, sometimes even revolutionary. His slapstick voice and style were instantly established and painted a colorful, queer, sometimes surreal universe. Plan Abbi and Ilana in every scenario – from the closure of their home to a rooftop party, to a grocery store, and weird, funny Shenanigans would follow. Despite their exaggerated and often dream-like world and their adventures, Abbi and Ilana were always strikingly real, two women who did not live up to expectations. They are smart, charming and flawed.

The ending repeats that Broad City was always just a show about best friendship. There are countless Abbis and Ilanas – inseparable duos who love each other and experience adventures together. Abbi and Ilana are two very specific individuals whose in and outs we have become very familiar with over the past five seasons, but their relationship translates into something more universal. It is a brilliant ending that sums up the show and what it represents.

There is no perfect way to say goodbye, and yet Broad City did it perfectly

  • I'm getting a bit sentimental here because it's a special experience to make a serial finale. I knew that I would be saddened by the end of this beautiful series, but I had no idea how emotional I would really be until I saw the final in a room full of fans in New York this week. This show was incredibly important to me as a fan and critic. I first wrote for my college newspaper when I was 21 years old. For the first two seasons my best friend Caroline Framke has the show here at The A.V. Club, and I had the real pleasure to take over when she left. Around the same time, when I started writing these reviews in the third season, I also moved to Brooklyn, and my relationship with the show developed.
  • It's always something special when a show can end on your own terms. This whole last season was a master class, writing a closing chapter for a comedy series. Everyone involved should be incredibly proud. I've always had an emotional reaction to the end of the show, but they've really taken things to the next level with all that reality! I cried more in this last season than in most TV seasons!
  • If you do not follow Abbi on Instagram, you should check out her latest posts, all setbacks from the entire show run.
  • Abbi leaving Ilana with the dress is another example How much importance was poured into various props and clothes in this show. For us, this dress has a real emotional value!

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