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Google announces new Titan security key model with USB-C

Google has announced an updated Titan security key with a USB-C port. The dongle is a safer option for users who need more security than traditional 2FA authentication (Two Factor Authentication) and who have been upgraded to devices with the latest USB port type. The new security key comes from Yubico and will be available directly from Google tomorrow.

The majority of people have highly confidential online information, including financial documents, medical records, news stories, and more. In addition, some experts may need improved security to protect online accounts or customer documents. This is where physical security keys come into play.

When two-factor authentication is enabled, users typically either receive code in a text message that they must enter along with the password of an account, or they must verify the application using an authentication app stored on their phone. Security keys are a safer alternative to these methods and prevent anyone from accessing the accounts unless they have the physical dongle.

In an announcement Monday, Google announced that it will release an updated Titan Security Key with USB-C on the Google Store as of tomorrow. The dongle is available to consumers in the US and offers them a new option for their USB-C devices.

The new Titan Security Key is compatible with both Android devices and Chrome OS, Windows and Mac. The dongle has a hardware secure element chip with Google-developed firmware. This corresponds to the hardware / firmware offered in the existing Titan security keys. The new security key model costs $ 40 each.

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