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Google Chrome gets more touch-friendly, with a visual overhaul along the way

With the advent of touch-screen Windows devices and touch-screen Chromebooks, it makes more sense for Google's web browser to operate fingers and styluses. An improved version of Chrome is now available on the Canary Channel – The buggy version of the app is for developers.

It has a rounded address bar and a circular new tab key, among other things to facilitate flourishes and pen elements. As XDA Developers reports, a much larger visual revision is in sight.

Called "Material Design 2", the new look will appear on the birthday of the browser (September 2nd, if it's not already in your journal). Material Design is the clean, card-based design you see on almost any Google app on the web and on mobile devices. Therefore, the new design will probably build on that.

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What Material Design 2 will actually change, your estimate at this time is as good as ours, as no preview is available. An updated color palette will almost certainly be included to give the new browser a visual touch, but for the rest of the flourishes, we'll have to wait a few more months.

Google is always updating Chrome for the desktop and mobile phone with new features ̵

1; such as long pressing the back button to get your browser history on Android – but they are not always immediately obvious. It sounds like the next big update will surely be.

Will Google's other apps, from Gmail to Google Maps, be fine for a visual update? We have to wait. NetMarketShare is currently reporting that Chrome has a 60 percent share of the desktop browser market, while aging Internet Explorer takes second place at just over 12 percent.

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