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Google confirms 48 people released in two years for sexual harassment

48 former Google employees were dismissed for sexual harassment. This number comes directly from Google via an e-mail sent on behalf of the company to confirm the various cases of termination of employment. Google does not disclose the identity of the employees in the e-mail (which can be fully seen through The Verge), but confirms that out of the forty-eight, thirteen of them were " executives and over ". In addition, the figure quoted was only those fired in the last two years alone. Google has not provided any further information about how many people were fired before this two-year timeframe.

The email sent to Google employees was co-authored by the company's CEO, Sundar, Pichai and Vice President of People Operations, Eileen Naughton, and seemed to be a direct answer to an article published today. who drew attention to various alleged sexual harassment and misconduct allegations made over the years by senior Google executives.

Background: This morning, the New York Times published a lengthy article that focused primarily on misconduct claims against Andy Rubin. the so-called " Father of Android" and how the measures taken by the company, including the payment of ruby ​​to " unusually generous sum ", led to a coverup of the situation ̵

1; so the Report. However, the piece went into much more detail than just Rubin's alleged case by referring to two other occasions when the company's actions and monies showed a pattern of behavior in dealing with internal claims of sexual harassment within Google. Especially when you consider that all three people were high-ranking employees who looked after departments such as Android, X (formerly Google X) and Search, of which the public already in 2017 because of the executive in question must be released from Uber once the alleged allegations have been published.

While the e-mail sent by Google refers directly to the NYT piece and states how it was " difficult to read " Neither Pichai nor Naughton expressly mention any of the original allegations. For the same reason no e-mail author seems to have rejected the allegations. Instead, the content of the email seems largely to bypass these issues, focusing on the past two years and how the company has made changes to create a better working environment overall, and that there are now different ways in which employees report can have similar experiences. The e-mail also indicates that those fired within the said timeframe have not received " an exit package ". This is in contrast to a point that was repeated in the original article that deals with "how Google handled earlier issues." Another contradiction between the two viewpoints is the suggestion that the previous instances did not lead to actual terminations in the conventional sense, but instead Google is said to have created situations where the high-level people concerned could go their own way. [19659002] Impact: The speed at which this email was sent to Google employees is very meaningful and underscores the importance of using Google Similarly, and despite the fact that Google has not yet made a public statement on this issue, either to the media or its public relations bodies, it is probably an attempt on the part of those currently working for the company to calm things have changed ndest the contents of the email, because Pichai and Naughton emphasize what is different about Google now than before, with the focus on new measures that have been introduced over the years. " Google is a workplace where you can feel safe ."

As this information is now public, it seems likely that similar announcements or company listings will be published in the coming days, many of which repeat same points. Since Google is unlikely to want to ensure that this does not further impact the company's image. From a broader perspective, it should be noted that Google has recently received a series of news that is viewed negatively by the company and the public. These include antitrust issues in Europe and a significant data breach by the company's Google+ service, which prompted the company to announce the closure of the service last month. The recent claims and suggestions that Google has attempted to use to disguise past sexual harassment in order to protect the company's public image are therefore not helpful in promoting a positive image.

What is left? It is unclear whether anyone on behalf of Google makes statements on the original report and the information provided. These are very serious and involve people who were central to Google's business at the time. This is all the more worrying as Google's alleged actions are causing additional problems. Outside the proposals, the company has created an environment in which high-ranking employees are exempted from punishment for actions that the same individuals have discovered today. In addition, even the confirmed 48 number of some might even be used to suggest that while Google proactively takes action to ensure that people do not remain in authority after credible allegations of abuse of power, the broader issue of sexual harassment in the Internet workplace Google is still widely used.

Since the publication of the original e-mail on behalf of Google. Alphabet, Google's parent company, announced third quarter financial results and reported $ 33.7 billion in quarterly revenue. A character who missed the expectations of Wall Street.

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