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Google Duo 31 comes with initial support for linking to Google Accounts

Since launch, Google Duo needs a phone number to set up and reach other users. Last November, Google began working on an email address that will be released this evening. In version 31, users can associate their Google Account with the video call service.

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Added a document on the Google Duo support page today that describes how to connect to a Google Account. Link people to your Google Account with Duo with other people. People with your Google Account, such as your Duo Gmail address or phone number, can see that you are using Duo and are calling you through the app.

Version 31 now has the ability to add a Google Account. There is a new section under Settings – right below your phone number – "Add Account". Tapping the button opens a command prompt and selects how others can call you soon using Duo's e-mail address or phone number. "

For the moment, however, this configuration seems to be the extent of the new functionality, and in our tests, we could not reach anyone with just one email address.

The most eye-catching aspect of Google Account linking is the way it supports multiple devices, and since its launch, the video service has only allowed one active login with a phone number Web client, Duo remains extremely inconvenient for users with a phone and a tablet.

According to our APK insight from last month, connecting a Google Account allows users to log in to multiple devices at the same time, teardowns hinted in the meantime the option to use Duo with an e-mail address and phone number only.

Hopefully, these features will be available in the coming weeks n, since Duo 31 is completely delivered via the Play Store.

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