Only a few weeks ago, we noticed a small change in the tab layout of the Play Store that completely separates apps and games. The modification we see today takes a page out of this book, but feels more like a regression than an improvement.

Instead of several tabs in the Play Store, only two are left: Apps and Games . The others – namely Movies & TV Books and Music ̵

1; are still accessible via the page menu, but have no associated tabs anymore. And unlike the previous test that did not show any games on the Apps tab, they still exist. So it's rather the current register Home that we got used to.

Left: All tabs, including games and standalone apps. Correct: New layout with only apps and games.

Since this is one of the thousand Play Store layouts currently being tested through a server-side switch, it's not clear if Google really wants to go this route or not. Although the mere fact that something like A / B is attempted gives us a break. Do not users access books, music, and movies through the Play Store? Do you buy them directly through the app? I also do not want to point out that this could be a mistake, but the facts that it shows for a few tipsters and that Google made some questionable decisions in the past, make me doubtful.

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