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Google extends the lifetime of classic hangouts for some – Droid Life – until June 2020

We know that Google Hangouts will one day die and most of us will have the opportunity to move on to something else, possibly to Google's Hangouts chat. Today, however, the demise of classic hangouts has seen some expansion for selected users, which should be affected by the decline as early as October this year.

Google announced this morning that G Suite customers use it Classic Hangouts no longer have to worry about moving to Hangouts Chat in October. Instead, as a number of G Suite customers told Google they needed more time, Google postponed a final transition date to "not earlier than June 2020." In other words, October is as much as the forced transition and June 2020 should consider how you can get your business in order.

In the meantime, Google will continue to try to improve Hangouts chat with things like read reviews and a smoother transition experience from its classic brother.

] Want to switch to Hangouts Chat earlier? Google still has an accelerated transition program that you can do just that, provided you can get started. I tried for months to get in, and no luck, so good luck. In the first half of 2020, Google will allow "everyone" to transition to Hangouts chat, while simplifying the chat and classic Hangouts settings in G Suite administrator consoles.

For more information about the Hangouts transition schedules, see this support page. [1

9659002] No G Suite customer and confused? That's cool! All you need to know is that Hangouts users only need one extension for businesses before they need to switch to Hangouts Chat. For those who only use Hangouts with their personal Gmail accounts, there's no reason to worry at this time. Google did not tell us to leave classic Hangouts. I assume that it will be shortly after the rejection of G Suite customers.

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