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Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show: Smart Display Showdown | News and opinion

Language assistants have come a long way in recent years, from an often confused voice on your smartphone to touch-screen displays that can instantly connect with friends and information.

The first Amazon Echo Show added an interactive screen for Amazon's Alexa language assistant, and we were so impressed by the redesigned Echo Show this year, which we received as Editors & # 39; Choice. Google Assistant has made some progress with third-party smart displays such as the JBL Link View and Lenovo Smart Display, but we have not yet seen a Google-made touch screen device.

Enter the Google Home Hub, which was announced alongside Pixel 3 and Pixel Slate. It has a 7-inch touch screen, a speaker and a far-field microphone array so you can use Google Assistant. The JBL and Lenovo trials were solid, but now it's Google's turn.

Let's take a look at what these first-party smart displays look like. And while we're at it, let's take a look at the Amazon Echo Spot, which is cheaper than the show and also got an Editors' Choice from us.

Google Assistant vs. Amazon Alexa

Google home devices use Google Assistant as a language assistant, while Amazon devices use Alexa. Both have undergone some important improvements over the years, but they are still in the works.

Google Assistant is much better than Alexa at parsing the natural language. Amazon's language assistant is picky with syntax, though it has gotten better with steady updates. Google Assistant does not get confused when writing as easy as Alexa, so you can speak more naturally and not worry so much about how to properly formulate your command.

Alexa offers much more robust third-party support with thousands of skills that can be activated to perform certain tasks, such as ordering a pizza or telling a story. With Alexa Blueprints you can easily create your own simple Alexa skills.

Google Assistant is not as open to external development as Alexa. Alexa also supports many more intelligent voice control home devices as a Google Assistant, though they both cover the big names like Philips Hue lights and Nest thermostats, and even get live video from connected security cameras and video doorbells.


For the sheer size, the new Echo Show wins with its 10-inch touchscreen. The 7-inch touchscreen of the Home Hub is significantly smaller than the Echo Show, or even the screens of the 8-inch JBL Link View and the Lenovo Smart Displays (8 and 10 inches) does not have the resolution of the Home hubs screen announced, but if it has a 720p resolution or something near the Echo Show 1.280 by 800 screen, the smaller size could work to his advantage with a sharper image. Of course, the Echo Spot comes last with its 2.5-inch screen and a resolution of 480 x 480. [194559006]


Google is not particularly precise the speaker of the Home Hub, except that it is a "full-range speaker". It may sound good, but considering the redesigned 2-inch 10-watt stereo drivers are powerful enough for any speaker in its price range (even with unusually extreme sculpting), it's unlikely that the single Google's Home Hub is almost the same

Google might surprise us, but until we test the Home Hub, the JBL Link View is similar to the Echo Show and offers a much better balance if you have a Google Assistant Smart Display with a lot wish good sound. Again, the tiny echo spot is too short and sounds like an Echo Dot or Google Home mini speakers. You can hear what it says, but it is not very impressive.

Media Support

Neither the Home Hub nor the Echo Show are primarily intended for movies or TV shows, but still serve as speakers for listening to music and have support for video.

This is where the settings for streaming services come into play. The Echo Show can access Amazon Music and Amazon Video, and the Home Hub can access videos on YouTube Music and YouTube. Amazon will add CBS and Hulu to the Echo Show in the near future, and we need to see if the Home Hub has access to third-party video streaming services. Third-party music is a bit more flexible as Spotify, iHeartRadio and Pandora are available on both devices. The Echo Spot has the same music services as the Echo Show, but you can not see many videos on its small screen.

If you can not find a streaming app or the service that you can use for the speech assistant's Smart Display. You can send audio from your phone or tablet to any device via Bluetooth. The Home Hub also supports Google Cast for Audio, but if implemented similarly to JBL Link View and Lenovo Smart Display, it should not be able to broadcast video to it.


What? The Home Hub lacks screen size and (presumably) audio power, which makes it a slightly more convenient form factor. It has the same tilt-screen shape as the Echo Show, but measures 4.6 by 7 by 2.6 inches (HWD) and leaves the 6.9 by 9.7 by 4.2 in. Echo show look very chunky. These extra 1.6 inches of depth can make the difference whether you can comfortably sit on your bedside table or counter or sit insecure. The Echo Spot is extremely small than an approximate 4-inch ball, but it's deeper than the Home Hub, and its much, much smaller circular screen limits it significantly.

Price [19659006] This is pretty easy and makes the Home Hub really attractive. At just $ 150, it's a whopping $ 80 less than the Echo Show. It's also only $ 20 more than the Echo Spot and offers a much larger screen. The Home Hub is currently the cheapest Google Assistant smart display, with the solid $ 200 Lenovo Smart Display and JBL Link View 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display for $ 250 each is available.

19659006] We will not know if any of the devices is definitely superior until we get the Google Home Hub for testing and comparing with the Echo Show. It seems likely that the larger, more powerful Echo Show will be a better option for large rooms as it can simply serve as the main speaker for streaming music, while the smaller and more affordable Home Hub could replace the Echo Spot as our favorite nightstand Smart Display , and find a new home on counters and counters.

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