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Google Home users receive free, ad-supported YouTube music

Google has announced a free, ad-supported version of YouTube Music to all users of Google Home and other Google-powered speakers.

"YouTube Music now offers a free, ad-supported feature for Google Home speakers or other Assistant Assisted Speakers," James Goddard of Google announced. "With YouTube Music and Google Home, you can ask Google Home to play the right music for every moment and mood, and YouTube Music will play the perfect channel tuned to your needs."

The free ad The supported version of YouTube Music is, of course, limited in other ways. You can not search for specific albums, songs, artists, or playlists. And there are limits to skipping and playing songs. According to Google, speakers who require these features can pay $ 9.99 per month for the full version of YouTube Music, which also has no ads.

It is likely that this new version of YouTube Music is a preventive strike against Amazon is preparing for the launch of a free, ad-supported version of Amazon Music that will work with its own ecosystem of Echo and Alexa-compatible smart speakers ,

To get started with YouTube Music and smart speakers, visit the YouTube Music Help website.

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