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Google introduces spam protection for Android messages


Spam is most commonly associated with emails, but it also affects text messages. Google is trying to address the problem of spam protection for messages on Android.

This is a feature we learned earlier this year, and it is now starting to roll on handsets. For the feature to work, "some" information about the received messages must be sent to Google ̵

1; something that will surely lift some eyebrows (and hacking) between the data centers.

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As always, this is a phased implementation, so it is possible that you can not yet access this feature. When you do this, you can access it in messages by tapping Settings > Advanced > Spam Protection where you will find an easy activation / deactivation.

You'll also see a warning message informing you that some of your message details will be shared with Google when the feature is enabled:

To detect spam, some information about your messages will be sent to Google without the actual content or your phone number.

While waiting for spam protection to arrive on your phone, you still have the ability to block and report numbers that sent you junk messages.

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